Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm Back!!!!

Well Hello Blogland!!!

After a jeez!! 2 year plus hiatus I am back- for many many reasons.  I was feeling really motivated to start blogging again after I had a realization that my third baby is one and I feel like the year just FLEW by so fast that I can't even remember most of it!  My mom had handed me this blog all printed out and I had so much fun reading it- I had totally forgotten most of what I had written.  It was fun to look through with the kids and see what we were all doing some time ago.  Then the other day my hubby told me he would do something completely lovable, like the dishes or something, if I did one thing for him which was....start blogging again.  He too had stumbled back onto somehow and said he totally spent his lunch hour watching me and Penny dance to old school rap and how much he just enjoyed it.  So, here I am again.

I am super excited and pumped about it actually, I have tons of ideas and interests that I am looking forward to sharing with you and learning from you in return.  Here are a just a few of the items I look forward to writing about:

- Marriage, not in the "how to make it perfect way" but in the this is really hard work way!
- Parenting, (see marriage)
- Fitness
- Healthy Eating and Nutrition
- Recipes
- Skin Care/Hair Care and my hippy ways
- Fashion??
- Yoga
- Daily Life

I have no idea what kind of journey this will be but I know that both writing and working out have proven time and again have been excellent ways for me to get out some of my energy and all the thoughts I have swirling around in my head.  Here we go :)

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