Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Fishies!

We recently started swim lessons for summer and for safety given the recent incidents in our community and boy are they fun! I have done quite a few different swim lessons in the past with Kash and they were all, meh so-so. The instructors were great and the facilites were nice but there wasn't a lot of progression in the swimming itself. So based on a few recommendations I decided to check out a "family" swim school that I have driven by hundreds of times and never gave much thought to. It is so cool though! It is indoors and the water is 90 degrees (no freezing mom and tot classes!). The classes are 30 minutes and children are evaluated once a month and they recieve ribbons for their accomplishments- which is great for kids since they are so hungry for praise.

We have been going for about a month now and tonight was the night that both my kids decided they were ready to go all the way under the water! Penny went under 4 times and Kash went under countless times! I am so proud of them- I thought we were going to be struck in a terror of water stage forever and that I would be still helping my 15 year old son into floaties and my 13 year old daughter wade onto the step! Yay! We are progressing, I am so excited for summers at the pool and visiting the oceans- they are some of my fondest memories from childhood! I am so thankful we found a great school that my kids love! Oh and you know Amanda Bear, the swimmer from the Olympics? Yeah, she goes there with her baby- guess we found the right place!