Friday, June 10, 2011

God speaks in mysterious ways...

Hang with me- it will all come around :)

So, I have been doing a new bible study with the Good Morning Girls which includes diggin into the word daily and sharing our thoughts and feeeling and prayers in a private group on facebook. I have really been enjoying it- it definitely keeps me more accountable and I love that. In general, since we have made some work changes, like me working much, much less and PJ starting with a new company, things have been tight. Being at home is hard work, it is fun and wonderful to be with the kids but keeping up with the household, keeping them into activities and out of fighting and staying sane is something I am still working on (especially the sanity part, lol).

Anyways, this morning I left the house for my morning job and decided I was feeling rather worn out so I decided to take the time and walk and not listen to my Ipod but rather just let myself pray and meditate with God. About halfway through my route I was asking God if he could please give me a sign today and speak to me to let me know he was with me, that he was there supporting me and loving me. WHACK!!! I was wacked in the head with something!!

WHAT WAS THAT?!? I whipped my head around so fast, sure to catch a punk kid or something up throwing things at the innocent exercisers- when I noticed


Huh? A bird hit me in the head? He flew up to a tree on the other side of the road. Normally, I would have chalked this up to randomness, but I am a believing woman folks! When I shook off the surprise and carried on the thoughts went something like this: really God, a bird? Was that bird the sign God? Why a bird? Did I really need the bird to smack me in the head- what am I to learn from this? Well, thanks, I guess, I know you are with me? Oh and thanks for not having the bird poop on my hair.

It was rather funny really, I think God has a really great sense of humor, excuse me Kodi, my creation, yes dear, I am here, Oh lets just send this bird to her, that will let her know I am with her! It was funny- God knows way more than me so I am sure I needed the wake up call! You would think that the day that follows a bird wacking from God would be different, but so far it has been a pretty normal day.

Oh and on a side note, I never thought the original The Birds film by Alfred Hitchcock was all that scary, but today I changed my mind! They are meaty little creatures!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend and remember- God is always with you! :)

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