Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you neighbor?

i like our neighborhood.

for the most part our community is pretty cool. when we first looked here i was able to see past the pepto-bismol pink exteriors and i was immediately sucked in by the mature trees that lined a walking path and the tidy yards..... and the clincher- you know ladies the one that made you see everything in rose-colored lenses....was a lemonade stand on the corner of our street. two sweet kiddos selling lemonade under a big, gorgeous tree on a hot summer day. it was sweet and what i wanted for my kiddos. time has gone by so quickly that i cannot believe we have been here for almost 3 years- it has gone by super, duper fast with all the renovations (the rose colored lenses convinced us it would be "fun" to fix up a fore-closure together- BAHAHAHAHAHA).

there is only one thing i don't love- our neighbors.

once about two years ago we were invited to their house where they were really pushing their twin daughters to babysit. which was great and a wonderful idea, but we had just met them and we are so blessed to have family here that babysits for free. so i am not sure if it was that we did not accept the babysitting offer or that we didn't have them over to our torn-apart house in return, but since that day they have become increasingly less friendly, well, not friendly at all.

the neighbors just next to them, which we call "the canadians" since they are from canada (i know we are super original) were at this said bbq also and are even less friendly if possible. it is completely weird to me that i can full on wave to them everyday and not receive even a head nod- i just was not raised to be so rude! (might i just add that we never called them "the canadians" in public, only after the bbq and brush off).

it is kind of sad. i am sad about it. we tend to make friends pretty easy and we are pretty friendly people and lets face it i have a hard time with people not liking me- the audacity right? i am not sure what we did or didn't do but it sucks and makes me angry- especially since they have a son only a year or two older than kash.

i sometimes let my insecurities get the best of me and think, it is totally our plain, dirt/rock yard- so boring, who would want to be friends with people with such a ugly yard? maybe i had a giant booger on my face at the bbq that fell on my hamburger and i ate it and everytime they see me they remember the booger and throw up a little- is that possible? i know i should just let this go but i haven't and it sucks. so i have decided to just keep on waving and smiling, hopefully one day we can have bbq's and hang out and our kiddos can have sleepovers. until them it is them and us and my dreams of a lemonade stand.

We do have two friendly neighbors, just for the record. I like them.

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