Friday, May 27, 2011

A trip to the Gaslight Theater!

Last night we had the pleasure of being treated to a dinner and a live theatre experience by PJ's parents. The restaurant is called Little Anthony's and it has a 50's car-hop theme to it. All the wait staff wear 50's themed clothes, there are juke boxes, balloons and milkshakes galore. Kash was especially impressed by the red sparkly chair and booth cushions. They also have these fun cardboard cutouts- you know, the kind you stick your head through....The kiddos did okay with that but of course we could not get one with both of them looking!
After dinner we walked across the hall to the Gaslight Theatre to our front row seats (PJ's parents do shows righ ;-) where we were entertained by "The Curse of The Pirate's Gold". The first scene starts with two big and scary looking pirates who were so loud- Penny and Kash's face were mixed with emotions or excitement and terror. I was worried I might spend the night outside with Penny but she quickly adjusted. When the music began both the kids were loving it!! The cast is interactive with the audience and a girl pirate waved her scarf in Kash and PJ's face and it was soo cute to see Kash get shy! It was also really fun because you are encouraged to boo at the bad guys and cheer for the good guys- kiddos love that. About 1/4 of the way through Penny decided she was going to stand on her chair and dance with the cast during all the musical numbers- the cast was in stitches as was the audience. If you have never seen Penny dance- this girls haas the moves and the facial expressions- hilarious! They made it through the WHOLE hour and a half of the show- at the end a gentleman was given the microphone and proposed to his girlfriend! Apparantly The Gaslight is her favorite place- it was so romantic! The kids had no clue and were so ready to go but I felt so blessed to witness love! We will definitely be heading to the Gaslight again, the kiddos have already been talking about it all morning today and asking if we can go back. The next show is calle Gnat-man, like batman but a gnat- get it? Kash also told me when he grow up he was to act like a pirate in a show, so it looks like some of PJ and my love of the theatre is being passed on to our children. Here are some great shots of the night!

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