Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm just going to go with it....

Hmm, I don't have a perfect plan for this blog. Seems like my ideas, thoughts and inspiration for it change on a daily basis. We have had one heck of a month, so if anything I want to jot down what this past month has been like so I can show my kiddos how much work they are lol, no, no joke I know that we are that busy and have had that unhealthy of a month that I will proably look back and say, "ouch, yeah, I remember that one..."

So here are the chain of events, in mostly correct order...
1. Went on vacay- Kash develops some wierd zits and Penny comes down with a 104 fever the day before we leave.

2. Spend $50 at the American clinic for some suppositories (ouch!) for the dear- thank God they actually work!!! Penny then develops a horrendous rash overnight, we work up every hour to take her temperature and monitor her to make sure we don't have to rush her back to the clinic.

3. Panic and over analyze the fact that we had her on an alternative vaccination schedule and that she probably has something like measles that could have been prevented by vaccination. Hmm, measles or Autism- when she was born the vaccination myth still wasn't proven a myth so PJ and took what we felt was the best plan for our family and worked with our Dr....Lose sleep over past decisions.

4. Rush home and take her to Dr.- no measles!!!! PRAISE, some other weird virus. Have DR look at Kash's weird zits and tell us they are probably staph infection, EXCUSE ME!?! OH yeah, this is probably from the naso-nex said Dr prescribed.... Oh and since it is after hours we pay $40 after hours fee for both kids plus the co-pay- twas fun!

5. Kash goes back to ER for swollen eyes and finally a monster asthma attack. The horrible morning that I had with these two I don't have the energy to write about- lets just say they sucked and were $$ as our mortgage. Joy.

6. We had a follow up with a real allergist today for all of my poor babies issues and finally get some RX for singulair, a preventative inhaler and some steroids.

7. Relax, go to dinner with friends, come home and head to bed for a full night sleep....

8. Wake up at 12AM to son screaming and vomiting all over a crevice between his two toys bins, not on the preventative allergy air mattress....

9. Have to email Boss's yet AGAIN about child, realize that they probably think you are full of it and regreat hiring anyone with children....

10. Work from home and act professional as son dry heaves into a bowl on the couch while some cranky people let you know they are cranky about something you have absolutely no control over.

11. Convince son that chocolate milk is not the go-to post puke marathon drink after 10 hours of vomiting.

12. Feel blessed despite of it all :) I have no idea how this will all work out but I am happy I could be with my son today. I hope this is the end of the sickies for us and none of us get this nasty stomach bug, pray!

13. Plan to follow up this post with positive post that makes anyone who reads it all warm and happy inside.

Peace out!

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