Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 2 of 30?

Hello! Quick check-in, no fun photos, I should do that, but here are the to-do's on April's calendar: 1. Finish baseboards- we have had the floor in for about 4 months but they are naked without the baseboards. 2. 30 day shred- yup PJ and I are on day 2. I have to admit it made me really, really happy when PJ was dying 10 minutes into the 20 minute DVD- you know because "how bad can it really be?". 3. 30 day eat healthy challenge- We are doing good so far- lots of fiber being consumed in this house, so while we may be a wee bit um, gassy I am feeling really good about eating lots of fruits, veggies and fresh food. 4. Pick fireplace tile- we have it narrowed down, now we need to purchase and install. 5. Back to School- After a month of shlepping the kids all over town to friends and family we decided it was best for our sanity and for the kids development to re-enroll them in the $$$ childcare we send them to. Eh- it is not so bad, they go twice a week so I am not paying more than our mortgage this time and they were really excited to go back and see their teachers and friends and that makes me happy. 6. Blog- I am not used to sharing and caring with the blog. It is still kind of unnatural and when only you and your mom (maybe) reads it there isn't much motivation. BUT I really like writing and I am hoping the kiddos and we will like looking back on it and seeing what was going on in our lives ya know? Ta Ta for now!

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Casandra said...

Hi! I do check this every so often and I'm happy to see you are back at the blogging! So, more than just your mom is reading it :) Your babies are beautiful and I'm happy to see that you are all doing well. Kash is starting Kinder this August right?