Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Goals

So there is a long and short of it to why I am able to blog again, but that story may take some time, so in the mean time I am just going to express what I want to when I want to- afterall this is a blog right?

March is the BEST month ever, ever, ever. For starters, my birthday is in March- big 27 this year which is crazy since I still feel ummm about 24. Other things that rock in March include:

Moustache March- this is where a lot of our male friend who have cushy jobs attempt to grow out moustaches- hilarious(although I do have to admit I am thankful PJ can't participate),

Spring weather- high 70's and low 80's here all month! I feel like March is when the sun starts coming up earlier and sets later, there are bbq's being fired up and taking bike rides comes so naturally.

So enough about March, since I just turned 27 I feel like now is about the time to start setting some monthly goals for myself. I am a bit less stressed than in the last 6 months and I am actually really excited about new goals and challenges and life in general. I am hoping to build my goals around my gratitude in my life. So without further a-do? My goals for March:

1. For the past 2 days I have met my friends Lisa at the gym at 6am- okay, okay I know it is only two days but I feel good about that, I swear my muscles were beginning to shrivel up into mush. So in an attempt to be realistic I want to make it to the gym three times a week for the rest of the month- just get there and get my blood flowing sounds awesome! I am grateful for my healthy body and it deserves to be treated right with some much needed excercise.

2. Let the dishes/toys/laundry/crumbs sit and just play! Play with my kiddos- skip mopping for monkeys at the park. I came home yesterday and looked at all the housework in store when my beaitufl kiddos stumbled out of their rooms with eyes still closed. That is when it came to me- the housework can wait, my time with my kids can't. Off to the zoo we went and guess what- we had a great time and double guess what- nothing horrible came of the chores not being done. I am grateful for the time I have at home with my kids.

3. Cook more dinners and enjoy eating them at the table, which means trying not to overcommit to outside of the home activities. Kash already goes to karate two nights a week and even though they are only for 30 minutes I feel the stress of having to be somewhere those nights. I love having family dinners, my kids chit-chat with us and we all try new foods and in general I think it is a great bonding time that is good for all of us. I am grateful for food (yum) and family.

Pretty simple right? Well hopefully, I am going to try to follow up with them and be aware of them for the rest of the month. Simplifying and reprioritzing is definitely my goal here. Wish me luck. Anyone else make any goals for the month of March?


Leesha said...

Glad you are blogging again, I've missed your updates :-)

Legal Mom said...

Glad to see you blogging again Kodi! I have had your blog on my reader for a long time, through a few different blogs I have had and deleted, and I am trying to get serious about it again too. There is something very therapeutic about it!

Love your goals!! I frequently remind myself that it really doesn't matter that my house is a wreck. What's more important is spending time together & having fun!

Good luck & I look forward to reading more!