Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Icky Story, Happy Ending

Whew, Well THAT was one heck of an illness. I blame the exercise and all the "thrusting" as my friend Lisa descriptively put it we did in Zumba. Just when I am high on endorphins and jazzed for a 5 mile hike in the gorgeous Arivaiapa canyons, smack...vomitious-horrendous. I spent most of last Tuesday silently praying on the gorgeous hike that I wouldn't blow chunks on my hiking companions, which I happened to like and wanted to continue to keep as friends (well in reality it was half-fam so they didn't really have a choice, lol). I would get these rolling pains through my stomach and would just breath through and I was sooo thankful when a cool gust of wind would come along. Never the less, hiking while you feel like crap is kind of nice since you would feel like crap anyways ya know? Kind of like how my mom made me go to school when I had a cold but wasn't vomiting or with fever, because well you would feel like that anywhere. Anyways, I ended up not tossing my cookies and keeping it together until I got home, yet I still had to work and due to some new-hires at my office lets just say I had a whole days worth of work cut out for me. The next day and the day after and the day after I just felt- meh, head-achey no real appetite, unless redvines count. Until finally Friday night it came and it came good. Poor PJ probably didn't sleep all night- it was That Bad. The wierdest thing happened too- I bust about oh, 2000+ blood vessels in my face from it? Tiny little purple-ish-red dots cover my face still. I have given birth people and one night of vomiting tore me up like no other! So since then I have done a little migration circle in my house from bed to couch to desk (for work- blah) to bed again. Finally today I feel almost 100% and I am so, so SO THANKFUL for my health. You really never know what you are missing until you feel like crapola. So that is that...on to...cleanlier items....

Today Pennylaine got to go to her first all by herself gymnastics class! Meaning, no mommy in there helping her. She is about 3 months younger than the age group but the teacher was willing to give it a go and so was I and lo and behold she did great! Well, she kind of does this log-roll thing down the traingle mats instead of a somersault but details right? Whilst I am so proud and excited and just beaming like a cheesy proud mommy I kind of feel like crying honestly. Oh my, where does the time go? Have I been like in a wierd time warp because I don't remember her growing up so fast? She was adorable in her little cute outfit and 3 cutesy little pony tails. I just want to scoop up all of her sweet sticky fingers, silky hair, chubby chunk-a-cheeks, giggle, tiny toes, big blue eyes and realness and bottle it up so that I can have it when I am all wrinkly and old. Precious. So the moral of the story is; take pictures because they grow up fast.

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