Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Fishies!

We recently started swim lessons for summer and for safety given the recent incidents in our community and boy are they fun! I have done quite a few different swim lessons in the past with Kash and they were all, meh so-so. The instructors were great and the facilites were nice but there wasn't a lot of progression in the swimming itself. So based on a few recommendations I decided to check out a "family" swim school that I have driven by hundreds of times and never gave much thought to. It is so cool though! It is indoors and the water is 90 degrees (no freezing mom and tot classes!). The classes are 30 minutes and children are evaluated once a month and they recieve ribbons for their accomplishments- which is great for kids since they are so hungry for praise.

We have been going for about a month now and tonight was the night that both my kids decided they were ready to go all the way under the water! Penny went under 4 times and Kash went under countless times! I am so proud of them- I thought we were going to be struck in a terror of water stage forever and that I would be still helping my 15 year old son into floaties and my 13 year old daughter wade onto the step! Yay! We are progressing, I am so excited for summers at the pool and visiting the oceans- they are some of my fondest memories from childhood! I am so thankful we found a great school that my kids love! Oh and you know Amanda Bear, the swimmer from the Olympics? Yeah, she goes there with her baby- guess we found the right place!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Heart Aches

This is going to be a sad post. So, if you are not really wanting to read something down and serious please move along to the next post in your blog reader.

So one of my worst fears is losing my child, even more so losing them to a pool. I have let myself fo down that horrible road of imagining it and what the feelings would be like, the sheer panic and terror. Living in Tucson where it is extremly and brutally hot there are a lot of swimming pools. Every year the news stories stream across my tv and radio. Every year children die in water. It is so horrible and all it takes is 30 seconds of having your mind and watchful eye distracted. Even if there are a lot of people by the pool it can happen- I have seen it almost happen when we have been gathered by the pool because everyone thinks someone else is watching.

Friends this can happen to anyone of us. Not one of us is perfect and I know I have been distracted from my children while we are by a pool.

This past Sunday it happened to a child of a family that goes to my church. She was 2, her name was Olivia. I don't know this family personally, although some of our friends do. But really, I do know them and you do to. It is me, it is you, my heart just aches so much for this family.

I sat on my patio last night exhausted after a long day of work, household work and kids and I was just so tired. But I had both of my babies. I thought about the huge, empty space in that home. I thought about the little bed that would be empty and the heart in that home even emptier. I thought about how I would never be able to eat, sleep, function if that were to happen to me. The family has two other little girls, 4 and 6 and they were there during this all. What do you tell those little girls? Why is this fair? Why them?

I know I love the Lord and I know that the Lords thoughts and plans are far above mine. I can only pray for this family. Pray that they can somehow move through the steps a day, an afternoon, an hour, moments at a time. Will you please pray for them too?

Friday, June 10, 2011

God speaks in mysterious ways...

Hang with me- it will all come around :)

So, I have been doing a new bible study with the Good Morning Girls which includes diggin into the word daily and sharing our thoughts and feeeling and prayers in a private group on facebook. I have really been enjoying it- it definitely keeps me more accountable and I love that. In general, since we have made some work changes, like me working much, much less and PJ starting with a new company, things have been tight. Being at home is hard work, it is fun and wonderful to be with the kids but keeping up with the household, keeping them into activities and out of fighting and staying sane is something I am still working on (especially the sanity part, lol).

Anyways, this morning I left the house for my morning job and decided I was feeling rather worn out so I decided to take the time and walk and not listen to my Ipod but rather just let myself pray and meditate with God. About halfway through my route I was asking God if he could please give me a sign today and speak to me to let me know he was with me, that he was there supporting me and loving me. WHACK!!! I was wacked in the head with something!!

WHAT WAS THAT?!? I whipped my head around so fast, sure to catch a punk kid or something up throwing things at the innocent exercisers- when I noticed


Huh? A bird hit me in the head? He flew up to a tree on the other side of the road. Normally, I would have chalked this up to randomness, but I am a believing woman folks! When I shook off the surprise and carried on the thoughts went something like this: really God, a bird? Was that bird the sign God? Why a bird? Did I really need the bird to smack me in the head- what am I to learn from this? Well, thanks, I guess, I know you are with me? Oh and thanks for not having the bird poop on my hair.

It was rather funny really, I think God has a really great sense of humor, excuse me Kodi, my creation, yes dear, I am here, Oh lets just send this bird to her, that will let her know I am with her! It was funny- God knows way more than me so I am sure I needed the wake up call! You would think that the day that follows a bird wacking from God would be different, but so far it has been a pretty normal day.

Oh and on a side note, I never thought the original The Birds film by Alfred Hitchcock was all that scary, but today I changed my mind! They are meaty little creatures!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend and remember- God is always with you! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you neighbor?

i like our neighborhood.

for the most part our community is pretty cool. when we first looked here i was able to see past the pepto-bismol pink exteriors and i was immediately sucked in by the mature trees that lined a walking path and the tidy yards..... and the clincher- you know ladies the one that made you see everything in rose-colored lenses....was a lemonade stand on the corner of our street. two sweet kiddos selling lemonade under a big, gorgeous tree on a hot summer day. it was sweet and what i wanted for my kiddos. time has gone by so quickly that i cannot believe we have been here for almost 3 years- it has gone by super, duper fast with all the renovations (the rose colored lenses convinced us it would be "fun" to fix up a fore-closure together- BAHAHAHAHAHA).

there is only one thing i don't love- our neighbors.

once about two years ago we were invited to their house where they were really pushing their twin daughters to babysit. which was great and a wonderful idea, but we had just met them and we are so blessed to have family here that babysits for free. so i am not sure if it was that we did not accept the babysitting offer or that we didn't have them over to our torn-apart house in return, but since that day they have become increasingly less friendly, well, not friendly at all.

the neighbors just next to them, which we call "the canadians" since they are from canada (i know we are super original) were at this said bbq also and are even less friendly if possible. it is completely weird to me that i can full on wave to them everyday and not receive even a head nod- i just was not raised to be so rude! (might i just add that we never called them "the canadians" in public, only after the bbq and brush off).

it is kind of sad. i am sad about it. we tend to make friends pretty easy and we are pretty friendly people and lets face it i have a hard time with people not liking me- the audacity right? i am not sure what we did or didn't do but it sucks and makes me angry- especially since they have a son only a year or two older than kash.

i sometimes let my insecurities get the best of me and think, it is totally our plain, dirt/rock yard- so boring, who would want to be friends with people with such a ugly yard? maybe i had a giant booger on my face at the bbq that fell on my hamburger and i ate it and everytime they see me they remember the booger and throw up a little- is that possible? i know i should just let this go but i haven't and it sucks. so i have decided to just keep on waving and smiling, hopefully one day we can have bbq's and hang out and our kiddos can have sleepovers. until them it is them and us and my dreams of a lemonade stand.

We do have two friendly neighbors, just for the record. I like them.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A trip to the Gaslight Theater!

Last night we had the pleasure of being treated to a dinner and a live theatre experience by PJ's parents. The restaurant is called Little Anthony's and it has a 50's car-hop theme to it. All the wait staff wear 50's themed clothes, there are juke boxes, balloons and milkshakes galore. Kash was especially impressed by the red sparkly chair and booth cushions. They also have these fun cardboard cutouts- you know, the kind you stick your head through....The kiddos did okay with that but of course we could not get one with both of them looking!
After dinner we walked across the hall to the Gaslight Theatre to our front row seats (PJ's parents do shows righ ;-) where we were entertained by "The Curse of The Pirate's Gold". The first scene starts with two big and scary looking pirates who were so loud- Penny and Kash's face were mixed with emotions or excitement and terror. I was worried I might spend the night outside with Penny but she quickly adjusted. When the music began both the kids were loving it!! The cast is interactive with the audience and a girl pirate waved her scarf in Kash and PJ's face and it was soo cute to see Kash get shy! It was also really fun because you are encouraged to boo at the bad guys and cheer for the good guys- kiddos love that. About 1/4 of the way through Penny decided she was going to stand on her chair and dance with the cast during all the musical numbers- the cast was in stitches as was the audience. If you have never seen Penny dance- this girls haas the moves and the facial expressions- hilarious! They made it through the WHOLE hour and a half of the show- at the end a gentleman was given the microphone and proposed to his girlfriend! Apparantly The Gaslight is her favorite place- it was so romantic! The kids had no clue and were so ready to go but I felt so blessed to witness love! We will definitely be heading to the Gaslight again, the kiddos have already been talking about it all morning today and asking if we can go back. The next show is calle Gnat-man, like batman but a gnat- get it? Kash also told me when he grow up he was to act like a pirate in a show, so it looks like some of PJ and my love of the theatre is being passed on to our children. Here are some great shots of the night!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm just going to go with it....

Hmm, I don't have a perfect plan for this blog. Seems like my ideas, thoughts and inspiration for it change on a daily basis. We have had one heck of a month, so if anything I want to jot down what this past month has been like so I can show my kiddos how much work they are lol, no, no joke I know that we are that busy and have had that unhealthy of a month that I will proably look back and say, "ouch, yeah, I remember that one..."

So here are the chain of events, in mostly correct order...
1. Went on vacay- Kash develops some wierd zits and Penny comes down with a 104 fever the day before we leave.

2. Spend $50 at the American clinic for some suppositories (ouch!) for the dear- thank God they actually work!!! Penny then develops a horrendous rash overnight, we work up every hour to take her temperature and monitor her to make sure we don't have to rush her back to the clinic.

3. Panic and over analyze the fact that we had her on an alternative vaccination schedule and that she probably has something like measles that could have been prevented by vaccination. Hmm, measles or Autism- when she was born the vaccination myth still wasn't proven a myth so PJ and took what we felt was the best plan for our family and worked with our Dr....Lose sleep over past decisions.

4. Rush home and take her to Dr.- no measles!!!! PRAISE, some other weird virus. Have DR look at Kash's weird zits and tell us they are probably staph infection, EXCUSE ME!?! OH yeah, this is probably from the naso-nex said Dr prescribed.... Oh and since it is after hours we pay $40 after hours fee for both kids plus the co-pay- twas fun!

5. Kash goes back to ER for swollen eyes and finally a monster asthma attack. The horrible morning that I had with these two I don't have the energy to write about- lets just say they sucked and were $$ as our mortgage. Joy.

6. We had a follow up with a real allergist today for all of my poor babies issues and finally get some RX for singulair, a preventative inhaler and some steroids.

7. Relax, go to dinner with friends, come home and head to bed for a full night sleep....

8. Wake up at 12AM to son screaming and vomiting all over a crevice between his two toys bins, not on the preventative allergy air mattress....

9. Have to email Boss's yet AGAIN about child, realize that they probably think you are full of it and regreat hiring anyone with children....

10. Work from home and act professional as son dry heaves into a bowl on the couch while some cranky people let you know they are cranky about something you have absolutely no control over.

11. Convince son that chocolate milk is not the go-to post puke marathon drink after 10 hours of vomiting.

12. Feel blessed despite of it all :) I have no idea how this will all work out but I am happy I could be with my son today. I hope this is the end of the sickies for us and none of us get this nasty stomach bug, pray!

13. Plan to follow up this post with positive post that makes anyone who reads it all warm and happy inside.

Peace out!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gettin my run not on....

So, the other day I did some weirdo, crazy and no I believe dumb thing.

I saw this great Groupon for a 5k Mud-Run. I have to confess, I have wanted to do a mud-run for quite some time now. I picture me and PJ running through the mud (get your mind out of the gutter) and looking fit and trim, completing random wacko obstacles and finishing up the 3 miles with a high five and rosy cheeks. I bought them- 50% off so $50.00 for two, I BOUGHT them.

Enter Reality.

Do we run????? No

Have we ran since the purchase????? Once

How hot is it in the Old Pueblo latelly??? 95 degrees and rising

I am screwed.

The whole family has been disgustingly ill for two weeks and I have no idea how I will run 3 miles in the heat. WHY??? Oh WHY do I think these things are a great idea? The idea is always more fun than the reality no? Maybe I can sell them on Craigslist...maybe...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter All!

Happy Easter! A little late I know, things were C.R.A.Z.Y. around here. Like, I still haven't even gotten my house back to normal crazy. PJ's dad and his son Mason who is 3 (I know, Kash has an uncle who is younger than him- welcome to the fam) came and stayed with us for the weekend. Throw a couple 3-4 year old boys together, throw in a 2 year old girl (diva) and you have a recipe for trouble. So needless to say I am exhausted. We did baskets, photo shoot, church (was awesome), naps and Huge family bbq at my mom's. The kiddos dirtied up their feet and fashions as they should in the afternoon. Here are some pics for kicks. I am hoping to get a newly designed bloggy home up and running. I think I am waiting for that to kick off the bloggy pants in me :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 2 of 30?

Hello! Quick check-in, no fun photos, I should do that, but here are the to-do's on April's calendar: 1. Finish baseboards- we have had the floor in for about 4 months but they are naked without the baseboards. 2. 30 day shred- yup PJ and I are on day 2. I have to admit it made me really, really happy when PJ was dying 10 minutes into the 20 minute DVD- you know because "how bad can it really be?". 3. 30 day eat healthy challenge- We are doing good so far- lots of fiber being consumed in this house, so while we may be a wee bit um, gassy I am feeling really good about eating lots of fruits, veggies and fresh food. 4. Pick fireplace tile- we have it narrowed down, now we need to purchase and install. 5. Back to School- After a month of shlepping the kids all over town to friends and family we decided it was best for our sanity and for the kids development to re-enroll them in the $$$ childcare we send them to. Eh- it is not so bad, they go twice a week so I am not paying more than our mortgage this time and they were really excited to go back and see their teachers and friends and that makes me happy. 6. Blog- I am not used to sharing and caring with the blog. It is still kind of unnatural and when only you and your mom (maybe) reads it there isn't much motivation. BUT I really like writing and I am hoping the kiddos and we will like looking back on it and seeing what was going on in our lives ya know? Ta Ta for now!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Icky Story, Happy Ending

Whew, Well THAT was one heck of an illness. I blame the exercise and all the "thrusting" as my friend Lisa descriptively put it we did in Zumba. Just when I am high on endorphins and jazzed for a 5 mile hike in the gorgeous Arivaiapa canyons, smack...vomitious-horrendous. I spent most of last Tuesday silently praying on the gorgeous hike that I wouldn't blow chunks on my hiking companions, which I happened to like and wanted to continue to keep as friends (well in reality it was half-fam so they didn't really have a choice, lol). I would get these rolling pains through my stomach and would just breath through and I was sooo thankful when a cool gust of wind would come along. Never the less, hiking while you feel like crap is kind of nice since you would feel like crap anyways ya know? Kind of like how my mom made me go to school when I had a cold but wasn't vomiting or with fever, because well you would feel like that anywhere. Anyways, I ended up not tossing my cookies and keeping it together until I got home, yet I still had to work and due to some new-hires at my office lets just say I had a whole days worth of work cut out for me. The next day and the day after and the day after I just felt- meh, head-achey no real appetite, unless redvines count. Until finally Friday night it came and it came good. Poor PJ probably didn't sleep all night- it was That Bad. The wierdest thing happened too- I bust about oh, 2000+ blood vessels in my face from it? Tiny little purple-ish-red dots cover my face still. I have given birth people and one night of vomiting tore me up like no other! So since then I have done a little migration circle in my house from bed to couch to desk (for work- blah) to bed again. Finally today I feel almost 100% and I am so, so SO THANKFUL for my health. You really never know what you are missing until you feel like crapola. So that is that...on to...cleanlier items....

Today Pennylaine got to go to her first all by herself gymnastics class! Meaning, no mommy in there helping her. She is about 3 months younger than the age group but the teacher was willing to give it a go and so was I and lo and behold she did great! Well, she kind of does this log-roll thing down the traingle mats instead of a somersault but details right? Whilst I am so proud and excited and just beaming like a cheesy proud mommy I kind of feel like crying honestly. Oh my, where does the time go? Have I been like in a wierd time warp because I don't remember her growing up so fast? She was adorable in her little cute outfit and 3 cutesy little pony tails. I just want to scoop up all of her sweet sticky fingers, silky hair, chubby chunk-a-cheeks, giggle, tiny toes, big blue eyes and realness and bottle it up so that I can have it when I am all wrinkly and old. Precious. So the moral of the story is; take pictures because they grow up fast.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stomach Bug

Hi Friends, Just when I think I am going to be able to write all my heart desires I am sidelined with a stomach bug...since last Tuesday :(...... It comes and goes but all I know is that I want to feel normal again! Doctor on Wednesday. See you soon and hopefully with something more upbeat to blog about. On another note, my husband is a wonderful rescuer...

Friday, March 11, 2011


Yay! Friday is finally here!! I love, love, love Friday's- they are the exciting opening act for 2 whole days off with my hubby and babies!! We have lots going on this weekend- but not too much, I hate when we are justing running from one commitment to another, then it just feels stressful like the work week. So this weekend we are heading over to a friends to pay her and her husband for watching my kiddos on Fridays by trimming and hauling all of their trees- PJ is lovingly sacrificing his muscles to the cause, what a nice guy huh? He and said husband's friend will be out there together measuring, hmming, haaing and nodding approvingly while the other one sweats. In the meantime me and girlfriend will be inside probably sipping iced coffees while watching the children play- I mean that sounds fair right?

I really hope we can get home in time for Kash and Penny to get their naps- otherwise the rest of Saturday will probably be disastrous as it was last weekend when they missed their naps. Sometimes I really think Kash is fine without one but then on the days he does nap he is sooo much more lovely to be around, plus then mommy and daddy can do fun things like paint baseboards and stuff (yes I know, we are wierd). I somewhat double-booked myself this Saturday night. I totally spaced that I was going to my own birthday dinner with my girlfriends and committed to watching another friend's baby- ooops (I blame it on being 27)....I am quickly attempting to move the dinner to more like a late lunch or early 80-year-old dinner at 4pm. We are heading to a local university pizza joint- this place has huge pizza slices with delicious, greasy thick crust- YUM! Can't get enough, it will definitely take me back to my younger university years!

Sunday will be normal, we will wake up lazily thinking we have enough time to lie around before church and then make a panicked mad dash to make it to church on time; seriously I CAN NOT CHANGE THIS....Don't tell PJ but I totaly blame him :) shhhhhh.

Finally, I leave you with a hilarious video of Penny "dancing" with her best moves during one of our wild living room dance parties- my favorite part is you can hear me gasp-laughing horribly in the background and then PJ says "oh- she's going down". Well, maybe my favorite part is Kash's little routine at the end- that kid has the funniest facial expressions. Too cute. I love those little munchkins. Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend too!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Goals

So there is a long and short of it to why I am able to blog again, but that story may take some time, so in the mean time I am just going to express what I want to when I want to- afterall this is a blog right?

March is the BEST month ever, ever, ever. For starters, my birthday is in March- big 27 this year which is crazy since I still feel ummm about 24. Other things that rock in March include:

Moustache March- this is where a lot of our male friend who have cushy jobs attempt to grow out moustaches- hilarious(although I do have to admit I am thankful PJ can't participate),

Spring weather- high 70's and low 80's here all month! I feel like March is when the sun starts coming up earlier and sets later, there are bbq's being fired up and taking bike rides comes so naturally.

So enough about March, since I just turned 27 I feel like now is about the time to start setting some monthly goals for myself. I am a bit less stressed than in the last 6 months and I am actually really excited about new goals and challenges and life in general. I am hoping to build my goals around my gratitude in my life. So without further a-do? My goals for March:

1. For the past 2 days I have met my friends Lisa at the gym at 6am- okay, okay I know it is only two days but I feel good about that, I swear my muscles were beginning to shrivel up into mush. So in an attempt to be realistic I want to make it to the gym three times a week for the rest of the month- just get there and get my blood flowing sounds awesome! I am grateful for my healthy body and it deserves to be treated right with some much needed excercise.

2. Let the dishes/toys/laundry/crumbs sit and just play! Play with my kiddos- skip mopping for monkeys at the park. I came home yesterday and looked at all the housework in store when my beaitufl kiddos stumbled out of their rooms with eyes still closed. That is when it came to me- the housework can wait, my time with my kids can't. Off to the zoo we went and guess what- we had a great time and double guess what- nothing horrible came of the chores not being done. I am grateful for the time I have at home with my kids.

3. Cook more dinners and enjoy eating them at the table, which means trying not to overcommit to outside of the home activities. Kash already goes to karate two nights a week and even though they are only for 30 minutes I feel the stress of having to be somewhere those nights. I love having family dinners, my kids chit-chat with us and we all try new foods and in general I think it is a great bonding time that is good for all of us. I am grateful for food (yum) and family.

Pretty simple right? Well hopefully, I am going to try to follow up with them and be aware of them for the rest of the month. Simplifying and reprioritzing is definitely my goal here. Wish me luck. Anyone else make any goals for the month of March?

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm ba-ack!!

Details and insane amounts of photos to follow, but overall I am overly, enthusiastically thrilled to be back.....