Monday, July 27, 2009

Pennylaine Presley is 7 months old!!

And here are the pics to prove it!! My friend Becca was sweet enought to take P's 7 month pictures fo us!! She does it as a hobby, but I think she could do it as a career!! Thanks Becca!! Enjoy the preview!!!

Bad Blogger

I know, I know I am a bad blogger!! When life gets super busy, the blog seems to be something that I let slide- especially since I now share a lot of pictures and stuff of facebook- it is like double updating my family what's going on. I still like having the blog though because I can show it to the kids when they are older, even now when I look back at older posts I am like "oh yeah, I forgot about that" so I am glad that I TRY to keep up with it! We have been SOOOO busy lately! Between going on two vacations to California, me going back to work, PJ working, social commitments and trying to just see each other I feel like there is barely time to breathe. There is a lot of changes going on in our home right now and I will update when I feel the time is right, but lets just say there has been a lot of praying going on! We did manage to slip away for some old fashion pizza party fun!! My college friend Cassy had her daughter Cloee's 3rd birthday party recently and it was fun to get them together- I haven't seen her since graduation last May!!

Here are the boys racing, I think PJ was more into it than Kash honestly!

Kash playing air-hockey with ME! (The haircut was the result of poor decision making skills and lack of patience on my part-oops mom did it again!! Thank goodness hair grows and Kash seems to like it!)

Typical organization of 2 and 3 year olds singing Happy Birthday!

Enjoying the fruits of his labor!!

Sunday morning routine..this is why we are ALWAYS LATE!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Fun!

I guess you know you had a great time when you only take the same picture over and over!! We were so busy this past weekend I didn't take any pictures!! Bad mommy, Bad blogger!!! Oh well, I wonder if I will ever learn!! Our awesome friends Drew and Debra came and visited from Colorado (we are working on getting them to come back) so Friday night we all went out for dinner and pool. Saturday I attempted a step-class with a friend, yeah we left early, it was wayyyy tooo hard- I have a new found respect for those step die-hards, it takes a lot of coordination! We made it to our first bbq where smoked ribs were served and so many yummy sides! The bbq was mostly made up of our friends from our ABF (adult bible fellowship) and a great time was had by all- only three of the six new additions made it to the pictures, but they are still super sweet....

I posted them all because I think it is funny how hard it is to get three babies to look and smile in the same direction...

Yeah, she was loving being surrounded by the boys ;P Just kidding, daddy would die if he read that!!
We then headed over to our second bbq at the bff house! More food, fun and games!! We love, love, love catch-phrase- go get it today if you want a fun game. We always do boys versus girls, which gets super-competitive, but that's the fun part right?? We caught a few of the firework shows from the back yard and I fell into bed that night. Sunday entailed church, ABF and lunch with more friends followed by us hosting dinner for the out-of-towners, I wimped out due to exhaustion and we got Papa Murphey's take'n'bake pizza. Gotta love it!! So here is to taking more pics and capturing life's wonderful moments.
Happy Birthday America!! We love you and all the amazing freedoms that you afford us!!