Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Business

I can't believe I have not updated since Mother's Day...eeeek!! But things around here are randomly super-busy with nothing!! You know everyday stuff that leaves you falling into bed every night! So I will show you through pics that silly shinanigans happening in the Buglewica household....between wisdom teeth, potty training and commitments galore we managed to have some fun!

Being silly with sunglasses!

Daddy and his little princess!

Eating yummy veggies!! She is SO BIG already!!

One day Darth Vader came to visit....

Don't worry, he is a good doggy- they had so much fun talking to each other.

GG Pat and biscuit, 4 generations difference!

Hanging out with friend Mattie!

Hanging out with Gavin at Bible Study.

Nicollette had a fun hip-hop dance performance, it was off the hizzle my nizzle!!

I found Mr. Hobbs waiting for me in our linens one morning....

Being super cute before church, don't mind the laundry in the back!!

More informational posts to come soon, but I find just uploading pictures seems to e what I can keep up with right now. We have a fun yardsale planned for this weekend and in about a week we are heading out to see my 1st neice ever graduate highschool, sheesh I feel so old!!!

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*Erica* said...

No worries about sporadic updates! It's so funny that you said about being super busy with nothing because that's how I feel on a daily basis! I think about making a blog post, and then many times stop, because I haven't done "anything" to write about. Although, as any good mom is, we are completely exhausted at the end of the day! Our lives may not be the most exciting, but I think they are truly the most rewarding and blessed by God.

Your pics are fabulous! Little Presley is getting so big so fast! Love the pic of "Darth," he doesn't look near as menacing in a diaper! Have a another great mom-day!