Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Dada!!

Happy Father's Day Dada!! My dad is such a wonderful part of my life! I have so many awesome memories of him and I still enjoy his company... Here are a few of my favorites...

* Jeffrey- When I was little my dad created Jeffrey, an imaginary boy from Africa who lived in his mouth. Jeffrey would talk to me and help me from being nervous about going to school of making friends, he would often take a vacation, when my dad got too tire obviously of doing his voice. I always knew it was just my dad, but just knowing that he was pretending just for me always made me feel special!

* Posing in the family hallway like Mr. America....

* Rollerblading on the riverwalk while dad biked

* Obstacle courses- Dad would create these elaborate obastacle courses in the backyard and pool and then rate me on a scale from 0-10 and thumbs up and thumbs down.

* Honking- He would purposely honk at me when I was walking into school and make dorky faces and wave until I would turn around, just to embarass me.

* "Kods"- I would hear "sideout Kods" "come on Kods" shouted to me at every volleyball match I played in highschool!

* Spam- Dad told me that I should eat the spam he cooked because when he was little he was so poor that to live they had to "raise spam"...a pig- like animal...

* That he was Chef Boyarde...

* Trying to have a sex talk with me in the drive through at DQ, while I burst out laughing and silently prayed for it to be over.....(thanks for the trying dad)!

* Spending countless hours building solar systems, science projects and stupid GATE projects that I procrastinated on.

Most of all, thanks for stepping up and taking care of Mom, Chad and I when I know it was hard. I know life didn't give you everything you expected dad and I know I don't always do exactly what you want me to or take the path you had planned out for me, but I want you to know that you did a wonderful job of being there for me and I am happy and responsible! I have never felt alone or neglected or forgotten and I have always known that if I needed anything you would be there for me! Thanks for everything Dad!! Heres to many more years together, I love that the kids are blessed with such an awesome Papa!!

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I wish I had more from when I was young, but I love all these pics of Kash and P with their Papa.
We are off to a Father's Day BBQ...Wait until I show you what I baked!!!
To all you Father's out there...Happy Father's Day!! Go hug your babies- they are a gift from God and the rest of you go call you Daddy's.

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