Friday, June 12, 2009

Bling bling baby!!

Yesterday after having a fab lunch with Papa Eddie, we all headed to the mall to get P's ears' pierced. Aunt Kerri, Nicollette and Garrett met us there. I was pretty calm about the whole thing, I knew that it would be less traumatic to do as a baby than as a little girl and this way, it is already done and she will have them her whole life. She was such a good girl and the girl at Claire's did a great job of getting them perfectly centered and straight, which I think is super important. Papa Eddie treated her to the experience, but left when the dirty work had to be done. They came out great and she looks so sweet with her baby bling!! Check it out....

In other news, Kash called to me from the kitchen this morning..."Mom, I cook egg", I got in there just in time to see him crack a raw egg onto the middle of the stove, luckily I salvaged some of it and we cooked it in a pan together after having a "only mommy and daddy use the stove" talk. He didn't eat it.
Potty training is going better!! He manipulates the point a bit for reading time, but he does actually go tinkle in the potty now, numero dos is still a diaper duty, but hey we are making progress.
PJ is FINALLY finishing the guest bathroom this weekend, he did the crown molding and baseboards yesterday, so all there is left to do is sand and paint- I am so excited!!
Tacos at mom's tonight and yardsale and haircut tomorrow!! Hoping to make enough money to convince PJ to come to California with us for Cierra's graduation- he doesn't want to spend money on gas to drive for "only two day" but I think it is worth it. Wish me luck!!


Teresa said...

Love the "baby bling"! Earrings on baby girls are so cute :)

Cloee's Mommy said...

yay! Clo had her ears pierced at 2 months at the doctors office! She actually cried her first tear because of it! It is better tho because they don't have the motor skills to mess with them so they don't get infected. Good job with the potty training :) keep it up!