Friday, May 22, 2009

"Potty Training"

I would like to update y'all (can I call you that even thought I don't live in the South?) on the potty training home front. Things are going well, as in well they are disastrous! I decided to start this past Monday, armed with my trusty kitchen timer, Sesame street step and toilet seat insert and books galore, "potty training" began. I set the timer in 30 minute increments, let Kash choose which spiderman undies (not panties I have learned from PJ...boys don't call them panties) to wear and was ready to take on the pee-pee, um head on?? I figured we would at least make friends with the potty mid-day.

Well friends, I was wrong....very wrong, he HATES his potty. He would rather play, sleep and eat all day carrying a hot steaming load of meatloaf in his pants than sit on the potty for 30 seconds. Still, we continued to go to the potty every 30 minutes and just try. Day 3, it wasn't so bad, he was actually okay with it, actually excited to read and play with mommy's undivided attention, the only thing is....he still went potty everywhere else but the potty! Rug-check, Couch- check, Next to potty, check, check.

PJ went to sit him on the potty day 4 and discovered that he had already gone elsewhere....."Kodi we have a situation here" is what he called to me from the bathroom....5 minutes after scouring the house I found the nice little nugget on the carpet in the office, by the bookcase...just in case you ever come to my house and want to avoid that area...actually it wasn't that bad, just like a giant tootsy roll waiting to be discovered.

Today was day 5, no timer, no potty and no surprises...maybe we'll try again when he's three or I am thirty...we'll see.

If you have any fantabulous ideas I am game, please tell me your secrets!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I love you Mama!! You are my best friend and I cherish all of the time, memories and love we share! I only hope that one day I can be a 100th of the woman you are.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers' out there! Now go call your mama!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Okay, the title might be cheesy, but it was the best way to describe our week-long vacation to Puerto Penasco! We had so much fun lounging around in the same beach house that our wedding reception was held in. It was bizarre to be back and I kept having flashbacks of different moments during our wedding, kind of fun to do that. We have been home a week today and it is the first time I have had a chance to blog, catching up is hard to do! I always need a vacation from my vacation! Here is a glimpse into the week, but really I was doing far too much stuff, like reading and playing bocce ball to truly have a weeks worth of pictures..

P in her cutesy beach outfit! Just for show of course, but fun anyways!

I couldn't resist...

Papa and Presley

Boys and their toys...and children :)

We decided to celebrate PJ's birthday a few days early for the atmosphere, here is a recap of his gifts:
Bocce ball set, which led to an awesome tournament...we lost...horribly, I foresee bocce ball practices in my near future ;)

An awesome hockey shirt! Jesus Saves!

Tequila- Don Julio- Come on, it was Mexico!

Aunt Susan and P
Nica, Kino and Makaylee, such sweet girls!

My brother and his awesome girls!

Look closely, there is a hidden message....<3
We finally had a chance to fly the spiderman kite that poor Kash dragged around the house in the package for about two months and even had to sleep with some nights! I was so excited to get to use it!

Kash even got to try his hand at it....for about 10 seconds, then the wind took it....

In my little man's world, this was a tragedy! I don't think there are words to capture this moment in all of it's emotion!

Throwing oneself to the ground was the only obvious and reasonable reaction!

Don't worry, daddy ran about 1/2 a mile and saved the kite...waaaay down the beach! Kash napped soon after this, and so even though we only flew the kite a total of 10 minutes, we flew it and that is what mattered. We spent a lot of time playing bocce ball, hanging out, one night turned into a full-on concert among us women, while the men and children stared at us using things like spray butter and carrots as microphones, priceless video was captured for our viewing pleasure this Christmas! Overall I couldn't be more blessed! Love you Family!!