Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here is a little peek at Easter festivities! We started early with an awesome egg hunt at playgroup...there is nothing like scattering 200 eggs on a grass field and watch 2 year olds go at it...They learn what it is all about when they figure out there is CANDY in the eggs. Here is Kasharoo looking super cute with his monkey basket- thanks Grandma!

Hanging out munching candy with his friends.

Coloring Easter eggs with the family!

Easter morning, showing off the goods in his Easter basket...he did not take the backpack off for 2 whole days- no joke. PJ had the genius idea to fill it with diapers and wipes, sweet, we got the kid carrying his own diaper bag!

Presley so super cute in her Easter dress, Thanks Aunt Kerri!
Hanging out with Papa Eddie!
Charlie in her Easter dress.

P hanging out in the bumbo chair, my little lemon puff!

I hope you had a great Easter too- we went to church (duh), barbequed with the family and ate waaay too many recess eggs.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

GG Pat turns 80!

Great Grandma Pat (GG Pat), just celebrated her 80th birthday. We were graced with her wonderfulness at a birthday tea party and brunch complete with mini-sandwiches, a fruit bouquet, dark chocolate cake and friends and family! It was so wonderful to look through all her old pictures and meet all of her friends, here is a little, tiny recap of the day- I was running around most of the time and didn't take a lot of pics :(...

Dorky picture of PJ...
Grandma Pat proudly introducing all of her family...

Kash, all dressed up and playing in the fountain...

P in her Sunday best for GG P

Happy Birthday GG Pat! We Love You!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

New Friends....

Old Friends....

Big Smiles...

More Weddings!...
And my chubbsie wubbsie!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Where does the time go?

I can't beleive how fast time flys- I am so busy everyday doing nothing, how does that work? I will tell you: wipe down kitchen, dishes, nurse, snack for kash, do more dishes, wipe down table, start a load of laundry, change a diaper, pick up toys, change a diaper, nurse, deal with tantrum, lunch, change laundry, nurse, think about doing those toning exercises for your arms, drink diet coke for energy, feel bad about drinking diet coke, make lunch, do dishes, wipe down kitchen, facebook, start another load, nurse....REPEAT!!! Gahhh I go round and round in circle doing the same things over and over again.

On a happy side note remodeling has officially started, a wall has been taken out, tile ordered and dates scheduled.

On a crappy note the Troopers transmission is shot and we have to buy a new car.....just when we decided on wook flooring :(.

Presley is huge, 13 lbs and has ankle and wrist rolls, I am in heaven.

Kash is full of energy and life and gives me a full day, everyday but he is such a sweetie, his new response to everything is "no way mom, no way", he of course has no idea how bad this sounds, so it is kind of cute with his sweet tone.

We leave for Mexico in less than two weeks and I am so excited!!

I promise pictures are coming soon, I am trying to catch Kash in his Imagination Movers dance time, sooooooo freakin cute and funny- I must share it with the world!