Thursday, March 19, 2009

Other Festivities...

We were lucky enough to venture to the zoo recently with Nani, Popi and Daddy!! We kicked off the day with some serious duck feeding... I not too keen and being so close to the "pond" and made PJ promise that he would jump in the deep, slimy, green duck water should Kash fall in. Luckily there was no falling in and the duckies got their fill!

The giraffes were especially friendly and are such gorgeous animals! I never cease to be amazed by God's beautiful work on these creatures, they are so cute and they never fail to entertain- our zoo may be small but it rocks!! poop explosion...yeah that's why she is so happy.

This pic is funny to me because out of nowhere on this zoo trip Kash was terrified of all birds!! I have no idea what got into him, my only thought is that the fact that PJ and he watched Jurasic park pre-zoo may have something to do with it!
Awesome pic!! Thanks for spending the day with us Nani and Poppi!
We have been so busy lately I am just craving my comfy bed! I will keep updating asap, but I find myself seeking sleep over surfing.
Also, my cousin's son was admitted to the hospital last Friday for RSV which is serious in babies and especially in preemies, which he was, so please keep baby Miciah and his family in your prayers!!

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