Thursday, February 12, 2009

Writers Block

So, I am having a serious case of writers block for the blog. Perhaps it is the major lack of sleep, the lack of ever getting to actually sit and enjoy a warm meal, having the life drained out of my boobs (hey-at least it burns calories) or changing diapers all the live long day. But I am just out of inspiration for writing, that and there isn't exactly a lot of real "excitement" in the house right now, unless you consider diaper explosions and Kash's newest motto exciting. (That motto by the way is way stressing me is "oh shit" and was originally uttered by PJ when a whole bottle of creamer was dropped and began oozing under our refrigerator. Cute when used in context in front of immediate family, but potentially disasterous in public places such as church or playgroup. We are currently trying to switch it to "oh sweet" or "oh sit meatball" with no such luck....suggestions anyone?). Combine that with my upcoming 25th birthday and the last of the baby weight and I just feel plain old. There are lots of things I could write about, but until feel inspired I'd hate just to try to write about anything...I could write about how I am trying to lose weight, but realy I have only been to the gym once and still eat like I am mostly pregnant. I could write about the exciting crafts I do with Kash, but really we've only been reading and coloring. What I really need is and idea for Valentines Day and QUICK... before PJ reads this and before Saturday. Maybe the blog will take a "please help" turn and everyone can give me their tips for anything and everything...we could all use more help that is for sure. In any case, I hope everyone has a fantastic, romantic weekend!!

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*Erica* said...

I know what you mean! There are some days that I can't think of a single thing to write. Our daily lives are pretty un-exciting! Many days it is get up, run, chores, pick up boys from school, go to the grocery store, go to post office, then home. I mean, if someone was stalking me, they would be very bored!

Why is it that kids pick up on the sayings that they shouldn't say?! We went through the same thing with our boys. And I think it was the exact same phrase! I would just imagine one of them yelling it out during church! I think after awhile of not making a big deal out of it, they quit. But I know how you feel!

I don't have any magic Valentine's advice for you, though. Sorry! Our Valentine's is up in the air due to my last chemo tomorrow so who knows how I will feel or whatever. I know we won't be going anywhere that's for sure! I just plan on spending it with my hubby and my little ones, cherishing every moment and soaking it all in; Praising God for allowing me to be here for Valentine's Day...and BELIEVING that I will be here for many many more!