Monday, February 2, 2009

Look!! One Handed!

I find I have less and less time to post what has been going on in our lives....I am posting this one-handed while Kash naps and Presley about talented. In any case, here are some new pics of the little one, she is growing so much, I can't believe she actually has some chubby cheeks- just like her mom ;-) Otherwise things are as hectic as ever, potty training has evolved to a trade of sitting on the potty for vitamin-gummies, diapers, dishes, laundry, spit-up take up a lot of time too. We are all happy and healthy though, besides the runny noses. I plan on having more frequent, interesting posts soon, until then, these precious pics will have to do! xoxo


Cloee's Mommy said...

very cute! I can't wait to meet her :)

Jen said...

I'm loving the bows!

*Erica* said...

She is absolutely beautiful! And I'm very impressed with your one-handed post. Sounds like things are starting to get in a groove around your house...a busy groove, but a groove nonetheless! You're doing great!