Friday, January 23, 2009

Yay for weight gain!

I am sleep deprived, so I plan on keeping this short and sweet...and no the title was not a mistake...

Yes, you read right, I am so excited. Presley weighs over a whopping 7lbs now..which is actually AMAZING (dr's words)...she was sure I was feeding her formula (I'm not), God must have just given me cream for milk, whatever it is, it is working. She is no longer considered "preemie" by weight standards and her charts are amazing. As for sleeping longer through the night, no such luck, but I am taking the positive view that longer hours of sleep are right around the corner.

In other news, I will be heading up to Phoenix with PJ on Sunday for his bone marrow donation procedure. He was matched to a man from CA who has leukemia, Monday and Tuesday he will be undergoing a procedure to donate his bone marrow and stem cells. Yesterday and for the next few days leading up to the procedure he is receiving a shot that makes him produce more white blood cells and in effect makes hiim feel still and flu-like, so please keep him and the man on the receiving end in your prayers.

Kash has wee-wee'd? (hate that word) in the potty twice and had probably 200 more skittles, but hey it's something.

Lost is recorded and ready for viewing...thats about it around here. Give me Lost and some comfort food and I am a happy woman :-)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bribing children with sugar....

I headed out this morning on a mission. Still sporting my Victoria's Secret "PINK" sweats, a ponytail and shades I braved the grocery store on a mission. I headed straight for the sweets where I picked up a pound bag of skittles, that is right a pound of skittles. I then headed for the cold drink section where I picked up two giant cans of green teat, afterall the task ahead is daunting and you must be very brave in entering it. I whip out my club-member card, hand over the debit for a $5 visit and head home. Upon my arrival I empty the skittles into a pretty clear tupperware with a spout-top, for easy access. I call my boys in and announce to Kash..."Mommy will give you a yummy candy if you sit on the potty". I was unsure of what his reaction would be, my words hung in the air and then blew away as Kash dashed into the hall, crying towards his elmo potty. He purposfully turned his back to the potty, his face painted with sheer concentration as he slowly backed his bottom towards the seat...and then...HE SAT ON THE POTTY. This is no easy feat, he has never wanted to sit on the potty. Keeping up my end I handed him one orange skittle, he chewed, he sat and then stuck his hand out. "take off your diaper and sit on the potty if you want another candy" The words were out of my mouth before I realized what was happening. The diaper came off, he sat, the hand came out, another dirty bribe skittle handed off...

Potty Training has begun...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not much here...

It is the ussual around here, thanks for all of your supportive comments, I have since had an attitude adjustment, which I guess I will need often and am trying to tackle everything with a positive and thankful attitude. Which means the laundry is nearly done, my house is "pretty clean", my babies are both sleeping (sigh of delight) and I am contemplating taking Meatball to training myself- I think that is the only way that will get done. I had a great weekend, Saturday while PJ went to the Coyotes game with some of the guys I spent some beloved girl time with my mom and sister. We had so much fun! I missed my alone time with them. I made a mediterranian salmon pasta and we just talked the night away, for those of you who have sisters you know how awesome it is to have a great friend who is always there and shares so many special bonds. I feel like my mom and sister understand me so much and they love me despite my boatload of imperfections! Sunday we made it to our Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) and we followed it up with a party- my Real Estate company had their "holiday party" yesterday, it was fun to chat it up with adults and I even indulged in a bit of champagne. Back to the grind here though, PJ's dad, wife and son are coming in town this week so we will have lots of visiting to do and Kash and Mason will get to play! I am hoping to sneak in a date night on Wednesday if they haven't already arrived, I miss my honey!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes, I have disapeared

I am vastly overwhelmed by the whole two children thing. Kash has turned into an evil little monster who laughs at my attempts to discipline and still poops in his pants. Presley wakes up every other hour during the night, which is her job but makes the poster child for concealer, my house is a wreck, crumbs are eating me alive, the dishes are piled up, Meatball stinks in general and I am in grave need of a shower. So yes, motherhood has arrived. God bless Jon and Kate plus 8 because I convinced the woman has to be on drugs to be so organized and peppy with so many children. So if I don't come on and report the latest feats in this household you know why. I have disappeared somewhere under the dust, crumbs, diapers, laundry, bills and toys, please send help.