Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Hi Friends- I think the title of this post captures it all! Long time- no blog. There have big big, huge, gynormous changes here in our home and blogging was the last thing on my mind. I decided at the end of July to take a full-time job at a mortgage company. At the time we really needed the income since PJ's industry has taken such a hit and while it was exciting and new, it has also been challenging and bittersweet. I HATE being away from my children- we have the best sitter in the world and I know they are so safe while they are with her, but my heart aches while I am away from them. The job I took is very high stress and one mistake can make a big mess for a homebuyer and/or my company. Over time I suppose you can say I have gotten used to working, but everything still feels very temporary, like I am acting- since I am really supposed to be home with my babies. Time goes by even faster now and I am thankful for the very few hours a night I get to see the kiddos. I am goign to be very honest since this is my blog and I feel very much like venting right now but I am not sure this is going to last. In truth, betwwn the cost of childcare, gas, work clothes and my happiness and sanity, PJ and I feel that it really has not been worth it. I am in such a yucky position right now because of who my boss is- I love her and don't want to hurt or dissapoint her, but I also want to do what is best for my family. PJ is also encouraging me ot come home, he says the whole house was a ton more happier when I was home, but this isn''t his issue to deal with, it is mine. The problem is, I took this job with the committment to learn it and do it well, but as of right now, it is beating me up! When I stayed home I always felt like I wasn't PJ or to all my working friends conversations.... and I also felt like I was missing out a little. But they say the grass is always greener and that is exactly how I feel right now. I wish I wasn't such a baby and I could just (for lack of a better term) cowboy up and tell my boss the truth. But until that time comes I am still punching the time clock.

So there it is, that is why I have been MIA. Between bouts of crying, thinking, laughing and a whole lot of praying I have made my blog re-debut. I hope you will welcome me back and I will try to update on a regular basis now. With Love xoxo Kodi

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pennylaine Presley is 7 months old!!

And here are the pics to prove it!! My friend Becca was sweet enought to take P's 7 month pictures fo us!! She does it as a hobby, but I think she could do it as a career!! Thanks Becca!! Enjoy the preview!!!

Bad Blogger

I know, I know I am a bad blogger!! When life gets super busy, the blog seems to be something that I let slide- especially since I now share a lot of pictures and stuff of facebook- it is like double updating my family what's going on. I still like having the blog though because I can show it to the kids when they are older, even now when I look back at older posts I am like "oh yeah, I forgot about that" so I am glad that I TRY to keep up with it! We have been SOOOO busy lately! Between going on two vacations to California, me going back to work, PJ working, social commitments and trying to just see each other I feel like there is barely time to breathe. There is a lot of changes going on in our home right now and I will update when I feel the time is right, but lets just say there has been a lot of praying going on! We did manage to slip away for some old fashion pizza party fun!! My college friend Cassy had her daughter Cloee's 3rd birthday party recently and it was fun to get them together- I haven't seen her since graduation last May!!

Here are the boys racing, I think PJ was more into it than Kash honestly!

Kash playing air-hockey with ME! (The haircut was the result of poor decision making skills and lack of patience on my part-oops mom did it again!! Thank goodness hair grows and Kash seems to like it!)

Typical organization of 2 and 3 year olds singing Happy Birthday!

Enjoying the fruits of his labor!!

Sunday morning routine..this is why we are ALWAYS LATE!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Fun!

I guess you know you had a great time when you only take the same picture over and over!! We were so busy this past weekend I didn't take any pictures!! Bad mommy, Bad blogger!!! Oh well, I wonder if I will ever learn!! Our awesome friends Drew and Debra came and visited from Colorado (we are working on getting them to come back) so Friday night we all went out for dinner and pool. Saturday I attempted a step-class with a friend, yeah we left early, it was wayyyy tooo hard- I have a new found respect for those step die-hards, it takes a lot of coordination! We made it to our first bbq where smoked ribs were served and so many yummy sides! The bbq was mostly made up of our friends from our ABF (adult bible fellowship) and a great time was had by all- only three of the six new additions made it to the pictures, but they are still super sweet....

I posted them all because I think it is funny how hard it is to get three babies to look and smile in the same direction...

Yeah, she was loving being surrounded by the boys ;P Just kidding, daddy would die if he read that!!
We then headed over to our second bbq at the bff house! More food, fun and games!! We love, love, love catch-phrase- go get it today if you want a fun game. We always do boys versus girls, which gets super-competitive, but that's the fun part right?? We caught a few of the firework shows from the back yard and I fell into bed that night. Sunday entailed church, ABF and lunch with more friends followed by us hosting dinner for the out-of-towners, I wimped out due to exhaustion and we got Papa Murphey's take'n'bake pizza. Gotta love it!! So here is to taking more pics and capturing life's wonderful moments.
Happy Birthday America!! We love you and all the amazing freedoms that you afford us!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cierra's Highschool Graduation

This past weekend Pennylaine and I attended my beautiful neices highschool graduation. I can't believe she is so grown up!! She is my first neice, so I have a special place in my heart for her and I am so proud of the woman she has become. She is off into the "real world" now and I wish her the best of luck in whatever path she chooses to pursue. Here are the highlights....

My sister Kim and my neice Cierra, it was so sweet, Cierra go to choose who escorted her to the stage and she chose my sister since she homeschooled her until mid-highschool and then the teacher that helped her finish highchool...

My cute nephew Levi & P

L to R: Cierra, Makenna, Savannah, Muah, and Makaylee!

Let the Party begin: Mom, C, Me, P, Stacy and Tami!!

Even more girls!!! Me, mom, P, Makaylee, Aunt Judy, Cierra, Jenna, Stacey, Tami and Susan!
Nathan and Great Grandma Maxine in the front!! Look at all the wonderful family she made!

I love this picture, three Matriarchs'! Aunt Judy, Grandma Maxine and Mom!!

Everyone celebrated by swimming and bbq'ing, the weather was nice and toasty and beautifully sunshine gorgeous, like California tends to be!

The kids did not have any fun, obviously....

GG Maxine holding Pennylaine :)

We had such a blast seeing the family like always, I can't wait until we get to do it again next month when we drive out for my cousin Stacy's ten-year anniversary/wedding renewal!! Her wedding was one of the first trips PJ got to come with me on, so I have really special memories of it- well and some bad ones of short, fluffy hair at the time ;-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

#1 DAD!!!

That's my wonderful hubby, Paxton Buglewicz. From the moment I met him I have loved him, he is truly a wonderful, sweet, kind and honorable person. Goodness, I have no idea how I got so lucky!! (Well, I know that God pretty much hooked me up!!). PJ is the BEST dad ever, he has never hesitated in his role of being a father and the leader of our family!! He also does a bang up job at changing diapers and playing with the kids and teaching lesssons!! Thanks babe! I love you and I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day Dada!!

Happy Father's Day Dada!! My dad is such a wonderful part of my life! I have so many awesome memories of him and I still enjoy his company... Here are a few of my favorites...

* Jeffrey- When I was little my dad created Jeffrey, an imaginary boy from Africa who lived in his mouth. Jeffrey would talk to me and help me from being nervous about going to school of making friends, he would often take a vacation, when my dad got too tire obviously of doing his voice. I always knew it was just my dad, but just knowing that he was pretending just for me always made me feel special!

* Posing in the family hallway like Mr. America....

* Rollerblading on the riverwalk while dad biked

* Obstacle courses- Dad would create these elaborate obastacle courses in the backyard and pool and then rate me on a scale from 0-10 and thumbs up and thumbs down.

* Honking- He would purposely honk at me when I was walking into school and make dorky faces and wave until I would turn around, just to embarass me.

* "Kods"- I would hear "sideout Kods" "come on Kods" shouted to me at every volleyball match I played in highschool!

* Spam- Dad told me that I should eat the spam he cooked because when he was little he was so poor that to live they had to "raise spam"...a pig- like animal...

* That he was Chef Boyarde...

* Trying to have a sex talk with me in the drive through at DQ, while I burst out laughing and silently prayed for it to be over.....(thanks for the trying dad)!

* Spending countless hours building solar systems, science projects and stupid GATE projects that I procrastinated on.

Most of all, thanks for stepping up and taking care of Mom, Chad and I when I know it was hard. I know life didn't give you everything you expected dad and I know I don't always do exactly what you want me to or take the path you had planned out for me, but I want you to know that you did a wonderful job of being there for me and I am happy and responsible! I have never felt alone or neglected or forgotten and I have always known that if I needed anything you would be there for me! Thanks for everything Dad!! Heres to many more years together, I love that the kids are blessed with such an awesome Papa!!

Christmas 2006

April 2009

March 2009

December 2008

September 2006

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Summer 2008

Summer 2008

College Graduation- May 2008

Summer 2007

May 2007

Summer 2007

September 2006

I wish I had more from when I was young, but I love all these pics of Kash and P with their Papa.
We are off to a Father's Day BBQ...Wait until I show you what I baked!!!
To all you Father's out there...Happy Father's Day!! Go hug your babies- they are a gift from God and the rest of you go call you Daddy's.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Trip....

To the ER and the DR....

Gah things have been so busy around here!! Saturday we had an awesome yardsale. My sisters and some friends came over with their stuff and we set up shop around 6am and stayed out in the AZ sun until about noon!! You know I was tired after that, we made about 100 bucks, which considering it was all stuff I wanted to part with anyways that wasn't so bad! Anyhoo, Kash was running in the driveway and got in a fight with the pavement--- the pavement won, he was banged up on his face pretty bad but was pretty tough about it really. So the next morning on the way to church he starts coughing a little and PJ and I think, hmm maybe we should take him to Nani & Papi's so that he won't get any kids sick in case he is coming down with something. Off we go, once we got there he had fallen asleep and I could see him breathing really hard for his ribs were really sucking in and out. We tried to wake him up and it took a lot more than usuall to get him stirring. Something about it just struck the mom and me and off to the ER we went. 9 hours, 2 breathing treaments, a chest x-ray and 3 movies later we were released, with an inhaler and orders to follow up with his pediatrician. Kash was so brave, he did better than me and PJ really, we were like "I'm hungry, I'm cold, when is the Dr. coming".... and he pretty much played or watched movies the whole time. I was so proud of him and I really just thanked God for my healthy children, you really have nothing if you don't have your health. It got me thinking about all the parents out there whos' children are sick and are going through the hardest circumstances imaginable. It made me want to do something and so I've decided to do a 10k for cancer! I am so excited about this decision, I have been wanting to sign up for a race for a long time but never really just dove in, so I decided to race for cancer. My goal is to raise $1000.00 by November 14th and I am going to run my little heart out that day BECAUSE I CAN. Because I am healthy and my body is strong and my legs work!! Anyways I am really excited and I hope I can get a few other people to run with me too!! Husband you in?? Susan I know your in...Anyone??

Tuesday we had a follow up appointment with Kash's amazing Doctor and have an action plan as far as his breathing stuff goes. We are hoping it is just a reaction to an allergy that occured and are going to watch things closely to monitor the possibility of asthma. It was SO cute, Dr. Schultz said "Kash you did a great job today should we go get a sticker" and Kash looked down real serious like and spread out his fingers and said "no, no sticker"!! Bahaha, I guess that's how you know you live in AZ!! Poor thing gets poked, proded, shots and now sticker at the office. Don't worry, we fixed him with a handy manny sticker that he wore the rest of the day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bling bling baby!!

Yesterday after having a fab lunch with Papa Eddie, we all headed to the mall to get P's ears' pierced. Aunt Kerri, Nicollette and Garrett met us there. I was pretty calm about the whole thing, I knew that it would be less traumatic to do as a baby than as a little girl and this way, it is already done and she will have them her whole life. She was such a good girl and the girl at Claire's did a great job of getting them perfectly centered and straight, which I think is super important. Papa Eddie treated her to the experience, but left when the dirty work had to be done. They came out great and she looks so sweet with her baby bling!! Check it out....

In other news, Kash called to me from the kitchen this morning..."Mom, I cook egg", I got in there just in time to see him crack a raw egg onto the middle of the stove, luckily I salvaged some of it and we cooked it in a pan together after having a "only mommy and daddy use the stove" talk. He didn't eat it.
Potty training is going better!! He manipulates the point a bit for reading time, but he does actually go tinkle in the potty now, numero dos is still a diaper duty, but hey we are making progress.
PJ is FINALLY finishing the guest bathroom this weekend, he did the crown molding and baseboards yesterday, so all there is left to do is sand and paint- I am so excited!!
Tacos at mom's tonight and yardsale and haircut tomorrow!! Hoping to make enough money to convince PJ to come to California with us for Cierra's graduation- he doesn't want to spend money on gas to drive for "only two day" but I think it is worth it. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Business

I can't believe I have not updated since Mother's Day...eeeek!! But things around here are randomly super-busy with nothing!! You know everyday stuff that leaves you falling into bed every night! So I will show you through pics that silly shinanigans happening in the Buglewica household....between wisdom teeth, potty training and commitments galore we managed to have some fun!

Being silly with sunglasses!

Daddy and his little princess!

Eating yummy veggies!! She is SO BIG already!!

One day Darth Vader came to visit....

Don't worry, he is a good doggy- they had so much fun talking to each other.

GG Pat and biscuit, 4 generations difference!

Hanging out with friend Mattie!

Hanging out with Gavin at Bible Study.

Nicollette had a fun hip-hop dance performance, it was off the hizzle my nizzle!!

I found Mr. Hobbs waiting for me in our linens one morning....

Being super cute before church, don't mind the laundry in the back!!

More informational posts to come soon, but I find just uploading pictures seems to e what I can keep up with right now. We have a fun yardsale planned for this weekend and in about a week we are heading out to see my 1st neice ever graduate highschool, sheesh I feel so old!!!