Monday, December 22, 2008

We made it!

Well, we made it! It has been a little over a week now since Presley B has made her grand entrance in the world. The week just flew by and I had so much help from friends and family easing the transition. We had dinner brought to us by my mom and several friends over the past few nights which meant there was one last thing to worry about...thank goodness since PJ hadn't gone to the store for a while and I was eating quesadillas for lunch the first few days :0). I was even able to nap a few of the days thanks to Katy and Jeff watching Kash for us. I can't even believe this week is Christmas and so since I am stuck here , not being allowed to drive and all and Presley having her carseat restrictions I included our would-be Christmas cards had I just a few more days before the holiday they would be in your fingertips.

I feel so blessed that Presley was able to come home with us and I truly believe that at one point we had hundreds of people praying for her health, Prasie God she was happy and healthy and ready to come home. Kash has been getting used to everything, he was at Grandma's and Nani/Papi's for some time and so coming home with our rules and the new baby has been a bit of a challenge, but he loves her. He wants to hold her so much and every time she crys he raised his hands to his head in a panic and says "oh no". PJ has already had a talk with him too about how his sole job in growing up now is to protect his little sister whom he calls "aw cuute" instead of Presley, there are worse things he could call her I suppose. Well that is all the time for now, I have two hungry babies waiting for me. Have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless!!

This is my attempt to show how scrawny her little legs are, but this doesn't truly capture the chickenesqueness of her legs...

First ride home from the hospital, she had to be monitored in the hospital for an hour for her heart rate and other vitals before we were allowed to leave and yes we had to stuff a blanket on each side to get her to fit properly.

Kash being cheesy!

First time holding little sister..."aw cuuuute"

Growing is hard work!

Imagine this showing up in your mailbox....Merry Christmas from The Buglewicz Bunch

A family one for good measure, head more supported.

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