Friday, December 26, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas!

WOW, it has been a jam-packed few days around here. I sit now, surrounded by....stuff, lots of toy cars, train tracks, tissue paper, cookie crumbs, dishes clean and dirty and my two beautiful children. Todays mission, try to get the house back into normal state as much as possible and not leaving the house as it is nasty, rainy weather out there. Christmas Eve was a whirlwind, I ended up having to nurse Presley through the gifts and so we have no pics :-( but we had a great time and Kash and Presley are so loved and spoiled, our car was full of gifts on the way home. For starters, here is Kash holding Presley again, he loves to hold her and does a pretty good job of it too!

Presley's First Christmas outfit, perfect for Christmas Eve and I even got a bow to stick in her hair for part of the night...
The husband and Kash were able to attend the Buglewicz Christmas party (the trip was too long in the carseat for Presley) where Kash spent more than a few hours playing golf, I can see my future already...

After a fabulous Christmas Eve at my moms house which I have to find pics of somewhere my mom and dad and two of my neices came to our house Christmas morning to open presents and eat a yummy pancake breakfast, courtesy of chef le' buglewicz. Check out Kash's major gift from Grandma and Papa, our morning involved lots of shooting contests, I think PJ is just as in love with it as kash is!

We feasted on Christmas tree pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit and lattes ;-)

Makaylee holding Presley for the first time!

It was then on to Nani and Papi's house to see the whole Roads side of the family. Check out this gift Kash got that was bigger than him, he had a ball just opening it.

Relishing and relaxing in his new gift, perfect chair for present openin' :-)
Thanks Aunt Bridget!

Mr. Fix it and Handy Manny

Too cute for words, love the hat.
Christmas outfit #2 courstesy of the Vermeulen Family!

A shot of our family including the new addition..not sure why we take pictures at the end of the day, but this as pretty good considering the lack of sleep/ amount of stress over the past few weeks, I am just glad we got it!
I hope that you and yours had as wonderful a holiday as we did. I love being with our big families and celebrating our relationships and friendships as well as celebrating the awesome gift of Christ's birth, I am hoping that as our family grows I am able to relate this joy and love to my children and that they can grasp what an awesome day this holiday represents! From our family to yours we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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*Erica* said...

Very Merry Christmas to you and your family! Presley is so lucky to have been born in to your family! Looks like Kash had a great one, too! God Bless.