Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap...Finally

I finally have the time to recap Thanksgiving (Thanks to being in a bed 24/7)... We will have to work backwards to Thanksgiving. The family was able to come back with us from California after the holiday and spend a few days in warm Tucson. The weekend was filled with multiple air-soft wars, fun conversation and wonderfu time with family. I am so blessed to have all these people be my relatives!! Here is a Sunday photo of the girls in the fam, my mom and her three daughters and their daughters, three generations from the greatest woman..

Kim hosted a HUGE Thanksgiving, I think there were over 30 people there and wowza did we cook for them. I made over 3 dozen fresh herb rolls, homemade reeces (hello lover), turkey cupcakes, pumpkin gooey cake and helped with the potaters which were divine. Of course thanksgiving wouldn't be complete in this family without someone taking off their clothes... I thought there was no way the anyone could fit into Devin's skintastic diva jeans..but Rick was positive he could, mind you this nephew of mine looks like he has an 18inch waist, so the great pant trade began. Devin is wearing Rick's shorts and Rick is wearing the black rinsed jazzercise denim (sorry Devin, you know I love you... but those are the descriptive words that come to mind :-)
Shot One..

All the way up!

The cutesy turkeys by Cierra and me!

The turkey tamers mid-creation...

My Kasharoo all bundled up in daddy's beanie, oh how I miss him right now.

Paxton and Savannah "sleeping"
Overall we had such a great time. The girls had a girl day where mom was treated to an hour facial and then we all got pedi/mani's and spent the rest of the day in the kitchen together. The guys worked on fixing random items and running around with their airsoft guns so it was a pretty perfect time. Thanksgiving brought my grandma, aunts and cousins who I love to get to visit with and Rick's fmaily too which are so friendly and always amusing with tales of their childhood, I can't wait for the next time.

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