Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks for the Prayers!

To all of you that were praying for us, our prayers were answered and in a great way! So thank you so much, it really meant a lot to me to get your kind emails and phone calls over the past two days. I went in for a follow up sonogram and non-stress test today and at first things did not look good. They were measuring even less fluid than before but then just at the end she decided to move around a bit and open her knees up which exposed a huge pocket of amniotic fluid, over 4 cc's which put the count up to 9.56 cc's of fluid- in the normal range (8-22cc's is normal I found out). Yay, so I did not have to be admitted to the hopital! After that she passed her NST with flying colors. I chugged so much water the past few days that I am glowing but the plan is to keep that up until I deliver, more water equals healthier living space for baby girl, so despite being in the bathroom ALL the live long day, a-water I will drink. I am going back in for the same tests on Monday just to double check and if those turn out okay I won't have to go back again hopefully until I am in labor. In the mean time I am focusing on taking it easy per Dr's orders, getting lots of rest and getting ready for Christmas, that is like an oxymoron no? Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers and I promise to post again soon with a new preggo pic.

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