Monday, December 29, 2008

Man up!

I just experienced a new thing in this household. If you don't us very well, both PJ and I seem to take on the traditional gender roles in our relationship and in general. He takes out the trash, I do the laundry, he tends to drive, I clean, he mans the grill and I make most of our other meals. I am getting somewhere with this, since we moved in our house we have had an increasing cricket problem. I don't care that they don't bite, they chirp and are so annoying and when I see their little bodies crawling across my carpet when I am nursing Presley at night it gives me the eebie jeebies, we finally decided to call a professional for spraying the house when PJ discovered a scorpion in the house while I was in the hospital (thank God). Apparantly crickets are #1 on the delicousness list for scorpians, so it was time to bring in the big guns. Tonight I am going about my bed time routine, looking forward to a night without the creatures when I discover that they have all come out to die?? There was literally like 10-15 crickets just in my little bathroom this evening (insert girly scream here). So I called for my man in shining armour to take care of me...he always takes care of the crickets for me... and maybe it was the fact that the hockey game was on, maybe he is just tired on taking care of the boogers, but he actually gave me a really hard time for not "being able to just squish them myself"...uhhh how rude, I am completely offended and he is breaking our silent husband-wife code of who does what. Picking up crickets or killing them or doing anything with them is clearly his job. He huffed and puffed around getting every last one I pointed out, clearly annoyed at my girlyness. hmmmm I am saddened by this because this means that he may no longer view me as his damsel for saving, maybe he wants me to "man up!" and take care of bugs myself. I only deal with them in one way which is the dust buster, should I tote it to the bedside with me? Even thinking about touching one or having it jump around in my hand grosses me out, even worse, when did saving your woman lose it's allure? I still like being rescued from bugs and cold weather and getting gas when we are together. Suggestions??


*Erica* said...

Lol...this cracked me up! Mainly because we had this exact same cricket problem in our house just a few months ago! Minus the scorpion. And our bathroom was always the worst. I don't know what it was about the bathroom but when I would walk in there in the morning, there would be at least a dozen or so in there! Blech! I will go on the attack with the vacuum cleaner, but I most def call on the hubby to take care of them...mainly because HE SHOULD! Haha! Now Katie on the other hand, is deathly afraid of crickets and will scream like a howler monkey every time she sees one. Now I don't know what happened, maybe we eventually killed them all, but they are gone. Thank goodness! So, I hear ya on traditional gender roles (your house sounds just like ours!) and being his damsel in distress (awwww....). I like being "girly." I don't think it ever gets old!

Ali said...

This is such a funny blog! Tell PJ to "Woman Up!" to doing the laundry, the cleaning, etc!

Ugh! I hate bugs and I remember one time we were staying at John's house in Nogales and there were 3 daddy long legs in the master bathroom, one by the toilet paper as I was peeing, and I had to beg John to get rid of them. It took a while, but he finally did, and after that, I could not sleep well at all!!!