Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Juice, Juice and more Juice

Hi everyone, I am blogging from St. Jospeh's Labor and Delivery, where I was admitted as an in-patient yesterday afternoon. I went in for the NST and sonogram only to learn that the amniotic fluid had dropped substantially low, so they sent me across the street to this lovely place, which actually is lovely. The nurses hooked me up to an IV that was so cold going into my arm and pumped a whole bag in about an hour, I have since had 3 or 4 more, I guess they are hoping that pumping me full of liquid will pump my uterus with more. I have also had 2 cranberry juices and 2 grape juices, they are so generous with the juices, something about juice in the hospital on that crunchy ball ice is delicious! PJ stayed with me into the evening last night while my mom watched Kash for us and he brought me magazines, dvd's and even beyond bread. It was tough when he had to leave, but I love knowing that our son will be at home in his bed with everything comfortable around him. They gave me an ambien to sleep last night but I only slept a few hours from about 10-4 and woke up at least every hour if not twice, I can't really move and sleeping on my back is hard I need my big pillow and to be on my side, but they had two monitros on my belly so I am kind of stuck, I hope I get to go home soon if anything just to get some sleep. I get another round of tests this morning by a perinatal specialist who will look at the baby and my fluid and I guess we will find out what will happen from there. If the fluid remains low they will probably deliver her soon via c-section, but if it goes up back to normal I might be able to go home with constant monitoring and bed rest, I am hoping that I get to go home and she has a chance to turn so that I can deliver he naturally. I really am looking to c-section as a last resort but each day that goes by seems to make it more of a real possibility. I feel safe and blessed though and know that I have so many friends and family praying for us and the ultimatley God has a plan...I always meditate on the fact that He already knows how many hairs are on our daughter's head and exactly what will happen, He has always known and he would never give us more than we could handle. I just also pray for more sleep! PJ will have to keep working no matter what, which is going to be hard since we don't have anyone to watch Kash (so many people work these days :-) but he seems to be somehow figuring it out. I will try to update on here as I learn more and find the time and energy. Until then, thank you all for your love and friendship.

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Oh my gosh, I will be thinking about you the whole day today! Certainly my prayers are with you, PJ, Kash, and your baby girl. I wish I could be there to help out and babysit. Just keep drinking that juice and keep sending updates when you can. I really appreciate them. I miss you all so much.