Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Frankly, she's breech!

Wow, what a long day it has been. My plans were to spend some time today getting Thanksgiving on here, but at my 35-week DR's appointment there was some issues that came about. I was still at the same weight I have been at for about 2 months, which is not typical for the third trimester, then my belly was still measuring at 31 weeks when I am in my 35th week, enough of a difference that Dr. Mainman sent me over to labor and delivery to get check out. 6 hours, one non-stress test, sonogram and other, ahem fun tests later I was sent home. Turns out the baby girl (yes she is still a girl, yay) looks great, she is small, but not too small around 4lbs 11ounces, but my amniotic is extremely low, normal levels are around 8-22 cc's and mine is at 5.8, at 5 or below they make you stay at the hospital. They thought my membranes had ruptured, or my waters had broken, but after coughing with a lovely microscope up the hoohaa, they were deemed intact. I learned from that lovely internal exam that I am dialated to 1cm, which is early to be dialated but not a big deal, baby girl on the other hand is in the frank breech position, which means her head is in my ribs and her feet are up by her head as well. I was sent home on strict bedrest and instructions to drink as much fluid as possible. I go back on Thursday for another sonogram,NST and amniotic fluid check and if things aren't improving they said they will keep me there until things do look better or I deliver, so needless to say I am drinking like a fish and reading up on natural ways to turn a breech baby... no c-section desired here and there is no way I can leave my family to stay in the hospital. The nurse told me to pack my bags though just in case, so we are in need of prayers here for the health of the baby and that she will turn so that I can deliver her naturally and not by surgery. The biggest concern is for her, that she isn't thriving inside and may need to be taken early, we just want a safe and healthy baby. I will catch everyone up on the Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow from my bed. I am beat!


TDB said...

Karma and i are praying for ya as much as we can... Miss you guys



Leesha said...

Awww Kodi. You, PJ, Kash, and Baby Girl are in my thoughts and prayers! ((hugs))

Elizabeth said...


A friend of mine up here did the natural ways of turning the baby and it worked if that makes you feel better. I am thinking about you and I miss you a lot! I wish I would have gotten the chance to see you this weekend. I'll come and visit you, PJ, and the kids some time in 2009, I promise!