Monday, December 29, 2008

Man up!

I just experienced a new thing in this household. If you don't us very well, both PJ and I seem to take on the traditional gender roles in our relationship and in general. He takes out the trash, I do the laundry, he tends to drive, I clean, he mans the grill and I make most of our other meals. I am getting somewhere with this, since we moved in our house we have had an increasing cricket problem. I don't care that they don't bite, they chirp and are so annoying and when I see their little bodies crawling across my carpet when I am nursing Presley at night it gives me the eebie jeebies, we finally decided to call a professional for spraying the house when PJ discovered a scorpion in the house while I was in the hospital (thank God). Apparantly crickets are #1 on the delicousness list for scorpians, so it was time to bring in the big guns. Tonight I am going about my bed time routine, looking forward to a night without the creatures when I discover that they have all come out to die?? There was literally like 10-15 crickets just in my little bathroom this evening (insert girly scream here). So I called for my man in shining armour to take care of me...he always takes care of the crickets for me... and maybe it was the fact that the hockey game was on, maybe he is just tired on taking care of the boogers, but he actually gave me a really hard time for not "being able to just squish them myself"...uhhh how rude, I am completely offended and he is breaking our silent husband-wife code of who does what. Picking up crickets or killing them or doing anything with them is clearly his job. He huffed and puffed around getting every last one I pointed out, clearly annoyed at my girlyness. hmmmm I am saddened by this because this means that he may no longer view me as his damsel for saving, maybe he wants me to "man up!" and take care of bugs myself. I only deal with them in one way which is the dust buster, should I tote it to the bedside with me? Even thinking about touching one or having it jump around in my hand grosses me out, even worse, when did saving your woman lose it's allure? I still like being rescued from bugs and cold weather and getting gas when we are together. Suggestions??

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas!

WOW, it has been a jam-packed few days around here. I sit now, surrounded by....stuff, lots of toy cars, train tracks, tissue paper, cookie crumbs, dishes clean and dirty and my two beautiful children. Todays mission, try to get the house back into normal state as much as possible and not leaving the house as it is nasty, rainy weather out there. Christmas Eve was a whirlwind, I ended up having to nurse Presley through the gifts and so we have no pics :-( but we had a great time and Kash and Presley are so loved and spoiled, our car was full of gifts on the way home. For starters, here is Kash holding Presley again, he loves to hold her and does a pretty good job of it too!

Presley's First Christmas outfit, perfect for Christmas Eve and I even got a bow to stick in her hair for part of the night...
The husband and Kash were able to attend the Buglewicz Christmas party (the trip was too long in the carseat for Presley) where Kash spent more than a few hours playing golf, I can see my future already...

After a fabulous Christmas Eve at my moms house which I have to find pics of somewhere my mom and dad and two of my neices came to our house Christmas morning to open presents and eat a yummy pancake breakfast, courtesy of chef le' buglewicz. Check out Kash's major gift from Grandma and Papa, our morning involved lots of shooting contests, I think PJ is just as in love with it as kash is!

We feasted on Christmas tree pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit and lattes ;-)

Makaylee holding Presley for the first time!

It was then on to Nani and Papi's house to see the whole Roads side of the family. Check out this gift Kash got that was bigger than him, he had a ball just opening it.

Relishing and relaxing in his new gift, perfect chair for present openin' :-)
Thanks Aunt Bridget!

Mr. Fix it and Handy Manny

Too cute for words, love the hat.
Christmas outfit #2 courstesy of the Vermeulen Family!

A shot of our family including the new addition..not sure why we take pictures at the end of the day, but this as pretty good considering the lack of sleep/ amount of stress over the past few weeks, I am just glad we got it!
I hope that you and yours had as wonderful a holiday as we did. I love being with our big families and celebrating our relationships and friendships as well as celebrating the awesome gift of Christ's birth, I am hoping that as our family grows I am able to relate this joy and love to my children and that they can grasp what an awesome day this holiday represents! From our family to yours we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

We made it!

Well, we made it! It has been a little over a week now since Presley B has made her grand entrance in the world. The week just flew by and I had so much help from friends and family easing the transition. We had dinner brought to us by my mom and several friends over the past few nights which meant there was one last thing to worry about...thank goodness since PJ hadn't gone to the store for a while and I was eating quesadillas for lunch the first few days :0). I was even able to nap a few of the days thanks to Katy and Jeff watching Kash for us. I can't even believe this week is Christmas and so since I am stuck here , not being allowed to drive and all and Presley having her carseat restrictions I included our would-be Christmas cards had I just a few more days before the holiday they would be in your fingertips.

I feel so blessed that Presley was able to come home with us and I truly believe that at one point we had hundreds of people praying for her health, Prasie God she was happy and healthy and ready to come home. Kash has been getting used to everything, he was at Grandma's and Nani/Papi's for some time and so coming home with our rules and the new baby has been a bit of a challenge, but he loves her. He wants to hold her so much and every time she crys he raised his hands to his head in a panic and says "oh no". PJ has already had a talk with him too about how his sole job in growing up now is to protect his little sister whom he calls "aw cuute" instead of Presley, there are worse things he could call her I suppose. Well that is all the time for now, I have two hungry babies waiting for me. Have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless!!

This is my attempt to show how scrawny her little legs are, but this doesn't truly capture the chickenesqueness of her legs...

First ride home from the hospital, she had to be monitored in the hospital for an hour for her heart rate and other vitals before we were allowed to leave and yes we had to stuff a blanket on each side to get her to fit properly.

Kash being cheesy!

First time holding little sister..."aw cuuuute"

Growing is hard work!

Imagine this showing up in your mailbox....Merry Christmas from The Buglewicz Bunch

A family one for good measure, head more supported.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Presley Marcia Ryan Buglewicz
Born on 12-12-08, 3:41 pm
4lbs.14oz 18 inches long
4 weeks early!!

I guess she just couldn't wait to meet any of us and like most babies she made her way into the world on her time and a bit unexpected, I am tired from c-section and lack of sleep, so I will give you mostly a picture update of the day and will post more pics and stories later...


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

34 Weeks

Had to show of my belly next to the new advent calender courtesy of Nanni Sarah...
And next to our tree!
I guess I will have to take my 36 week pic in the hospital gown :-)

Alex is the (fire)man.

Wednesday December 3rd we attended Alex's graduation from the Fire Academy! Congratulations Alex, here are the brothers post ceremony enjoying some delicious pizza and beer at the local Frog n Firken...

Kash was equally pleased and excited for Alex, especially since the firemen let him go on their truck and play with all the medical equiptment...thats gotta make you feel safe :-) We carried him out of there screaming.

Finally here he is at the restuarant where he spent a lot of time dancing and flirting with local college girls. I sweat I have seen PJ make that face a million times!

Thanksgiving Recap...Finally

I finally have the time to recap Thanksgiving (Thanks to being in a bed 24/7)... We will have to work backwards to Thanksgiving. The family was able to come back with us from California after the holiday and spend a few days in warm Tucson. The weekend was filled with multiple air-soft wars, fun conversation and wonderfu time with family. I am so blessed to have all these people be my relatives!! Here is a Sunday photo of the girls in the fam, my mom and her three daughters and their daughters, three generations from the greatest woman..

Kim hosted a HUGE Thanksgiving, I think there were over 30 people there and wowza did we cook for them. I made over 3 dozen fresh herb rolls, homemade reeces (hello lover), turkey cupcakes, pumpkin gooey cake and helped with the potaters which were divine. Of course thanksgiving wouldn't be complete in this family without someone taking off their clothes... I thought there was no way the anyone could fit into Devin's skintastic diva jeans..but Rick was positive he could, mind you this nephew of mine looks like he has an 18inch waist, so the great pant trade began. Devin is wearing Rick's shorts and Rick is wearing the black rinsed jazzercise denim (sorry Devin, you know I love you... but those are the descriptive words that come to mind :-)
Shot One..

All the way up!

The cutesy turkeys by Cierra and me!

The turkey tamers mid-creation...

My Kasharoo all bundled up in daddy's beanie, oh how I miss him right now.

Paxton and Savannah "sleeping"
Overall we had such a great time. The girls had a girl day where mom was treated to an hour facial and then we all got pedi/mani's and spent the rest of the day in the kitchen together. The guys worked on fixing random items and running around with their airsoft guns so it was a pretty perfect time. Thanksgiving brought my grandma, aunts and cousins who I love to get to visit with and Rick's fmaily too which are so friendly and always amusing with tales of their childhood, I can't wait for the next time.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Juice, Juice and more Juice

Hi everyone, I am blogging from St. Jospeh's Labor and Delivery, where I was admitted as an in-patient yesterday afternoon. I went in for the NST and sonogram only to learn that the amniotic fluid had dropped substantially low, so they sent me across the street to this lovely place, which actually is lovely. The nurses hooked me up to an IV that was so cold going into my arm and pumped a whole bag in about an hour, I have since had 3 or 4 more, I guess they are hoping that pumping me full of liquid will pump my uterus with more. I have also had 2 cranberry juices and 2 grape juices, they are so generous with the juices, something about juice in the hospital on that crunchy ball ice is delicious! PJ stayed with me into the evening last night while my mom watched Kash for us and he brought me magazines, dvd's and even beyond bread. It was tough when he had to leave, but I love knowing that our son will be at home in his bed with everything comfortable around him. They gave me an ambien to sleep last night but I only slept a few hours from about 10-4 and woke up at least every hour if not twice, I can't really move and sleeping on my back is hard I need my big pillow and to be on my side, but they had two monitros on my belly so I am kind of stuck, I hope I get to go home soon if anything just to get some sleep. I get another round of tests this morning by a perinatal specialist who will look at the baby and my fluid and I guess we will find out what will happen from there. If the fluid remains low they will probably deliver her soon via c-section, but if it goes up back to normal I might be able to go home with constant monitoring and bed rest, I am hoping that I get to go home and she has a chance to turn so that I can deliver he naturally. I really am looking to c-section as a last resort but each day that goes by seems to make it more of a real possibility. I feel safe and blessed though and know that I have so many friends and family praying for us and the ultimatley God has a plan...I always meditate on the fact that He already knows how many hairs are on our daughter's head and exactly what will happen, He has always known and he would never give us more than we could handle. I just also pray for more sleep! PJ will have to keep working no matter what, which is going to be hard since we don't have anyone to watch Kash (so many people work these days :-) but he seems to be somehow figuring it out. I will try to update on here as I learn more and find the time and energy. Until then, thank you all for your love and friendship.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks for the Prayers!

To all of you that were praying for us, our prayers were answered and in a great way! So thank you so much, it really meant a lot to me to get your kind emails and phone calls over the past two days. I went in for a follow up sonogram and non-stress test today and at first things did not look good. They were measuring even less fluid than before but then just at the end she decided to move around a bit and open her knees up which exposed a huge pocket of amniotic fluid, over 4 cc's which put the count up to 9.56 cc's of fluid- in the normal range (8-22cc's is normal I found out). Yay, so I did not have to be admitted to the hopital! After that she passed her NST with flying colors. I chugged so much water the past few days that I am glowing but the plan is to keep that up until I deliver, more water equals healthier living space for baby girl, so despite being in the bathroom ALL the live long day, a-water I will drink. I am going back in for the same tests on Monday just to double check and if those turn out okay I won't have to go back again hopefully until I am in labor. In the mean time I am focusing on taking it easy per Dr's orders, getting lots of rest and getting ready for Christmas, that is like an oxymoron no? Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers and I promise to post again soon with a new preggo pic.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Frankly, she's breech!

Wow, what a long day it has been. My plans were to spend some time today getting Thanksgiving on here, but at my 35-week DR's appointment there was some issues that came about. I was still at the same weight I have been at for about 2 months, which is not typical for the third trimester, then my belly was still measuring at 31 weeks when I am in my 35th week, enough of a difference that Dr. Mainman sent me over to labor and delivery to get check out. 6 hours, one non-stress test, sonogram and other, ahem fun tests later I was sent home. Turns out the baby girl (yes she is still a girl, yay) looks great, she is small, but not too small around 4lbs 11ounces, but my amniotic is extremely low, normal levels are around 8-22 cc's and mine is at 5.8, at 5 or below they make you stay at the hospital. They thought my membranes had ruptured, or my waters had broken, but after coughing with a lovely microscope up the hoohaa, they were deemed intact. I learned from that lovely internal exam that I am dialated to 1cm, which is early to be dialated but not a big deal, baby girl on the other hand is in the frank breech position, which means her head is in my ribs and her feet are up by her head as well. I was sent home on strict bedrest and instructions to drink as much fluid as possible. I go back on Thursday for another sonogram,NST and amniotic fluid check and if things aren't improving they said they will keep me there until things do look better or I deliver, so needless to say I am drinking like a fish and reading up on natural ways to turn a breech baby... no c-section desired here and there is no way I can leave my family to stay in the hospital. The nurse told me to pack my bags though just in case, so we are in need of prayers here for the health of the baby and that she will turn so that I can deliver her naturally and not by surgery. The biggest concern is for her, that she isn't thriving inside and may need to be taken early, we just want a safe and healthy baby. I will catch everyone up on the Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow from my bed. I am beat!