Monday, November 24, 2008

Jam Packed!

The days around here have been jam packed! I am so tired and I can't believe that Thanksgiving is this week, my how time flys! Wednesday we had playgroup and Lindsays 25th birthday dinner, complete with yummy tacos, Thursday night PJ had hockey and we went to game night with our new Adult Bible Fellowship and had so much fun! I can't believe what a wonderful group of friends we have been blessed with. Saturday we had birthing class ALL DAY, which I now realize was a easte of money since I felt like I knew everything, but we did learn a few more things and it got us both thinking in that area anyways, which I suppose is a good thing since technically I will be full term in about 3-4 weeks. We ended up doing dinner in with the in-laws as they treated us to PF Changs after taking Kash to the Zoo all day...and I think we were more tired from class, they are amazing. Sunday we had church, an ABF potluck which was delish and great time for fellowship and then another bbq at my moms complete with my favorite meal, homemade rolled chicken tacos. I was about ready to collapse when we got home and unfortunetly after much wrestling with daddy, I realized that Kash was burning up! He was at 102 when I took his temp as he fell asleep and then almost at 104 all night and morning. I had SO MUCH to do today but have yet to leave the house or his side and it is 4pm :-( I just want him to be okay for our trip tomorrow. As of right now the temp is down to 100* after his second dose of motrin (which he gagged and threw up in a matter of seconds so I don't even know if he got any) and he is jumping on the couch. It is hard to keep a semi-sick kid in resting mode. This morning, though his cheeks were as red as scarlet and I was worried and scared I love that he cuddled me for hours in bed. He would hug me and stroke my hair and let me cuddle him, ahhh I love the small perks of fevers, but I am relieved to be getting my normal, full of life son back. Tonight I still have to go buy a new carseat (PJ and I decided ours wasn't "good" here, we got it from Craigslist), pack, clean and get ready to leave for Cali. Prayers for everyone to have a wonderful and safe holiday with their friends and family! Pics and updates of our turkey day to come soon!

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