Monday, November 24, 2008

Jam Packed!

The days around here have been jam packed! I am so tired and I can't believe that Thanksgiving is this week, my how time flys! Wednesday we had playgroup and Lindsays 25th birthday dinner, complete with yummy tacos, Thursday night PJ had hockey and we went to game night with our new Adult Bible Fellowship and had so much fun! I can't believe what a wonderful group of friends we have been blessed with. Saturday we had birthing class ALL DAY, which I now realize was a easte of money since I felt like I knew everything, but we did learn a few more things and it got us both thinking in that area anyways, which I suppose is a good thing since technically I will be full term in about 3-4 weeks. We ended up doing dinner in with the in-laws as they treated us to PF Changs after taking Kash to the Zoo all day...and I think we were more tired from class, they are amazing. Sunday we had church, an ABF potluck which was delish and great time for fellowship and then another bbq at my moms complete with my favorite meal, homemade rolled chicken tacos. I was about ready to collapse when we got home and unfortunetly after much wrestling with daddy, I realized that Kash was burning up! He was at 102 when I took his temp as he fell asleep and then almost at 104 all night and morning. I had SO MUCH to do today but have yet to leave the house or his side and it is 4pm :-( I just want him to be okay for our trip tomorrow. As of right now the temp is down to 100* after his second dose of motrin (which he gagged and threw up in a matter of seconds so I don't even know if he got any) and he is jumping on the couch. It is hard to keep a semi-sick kid in resting mode. This morning, though his cheeks were as red as scarlet and I was worried and scared I love that he cuddled me for hours in bed. He would hug me and stroke my hair and let me cuddle him, ahhh I love the small perks of fevers, but I am relieved to be getting my normal, full of life son back. Tonight I still have to go buy a new carseat (PJ and I decided ours wasn't "good" here, we got it from Craigslist), pack, clean and get ready to leave for Cali. Prayers for everyone to have a wonderful and safe holiday with their friends and family! Pics and updates of our turkey day to come soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby Paige/Presley/Penny's Shower

This past weekend my wonderful friends Katy & Alejandra threw us a fabulous baby shower!! I had so much fun and felt like new baby is already so loved! The bash was great, there were 3 types of chili, two types of cornbread and a dessert buffet that I only wish I had a picture of!! I was NOT a good blogger this weekend and only have a few pics, I think because I was spending the whole time having a blast! We got so many cute things for the new baby and I finally can start on her room now. There were even games, boys included, the first of which was a name vote. PJ chose the names and those up for naming were: Paige, Prestley, Penny, Cherry, Gertrude (he thinks he is hilarious as this was a fake name) and Natalia. Paige won with an overwhelming 18 votes, first runners up were Prestley and Paige tied at 9 votes each with the others tailing behind and few write-ins... and of course we are still not sure! Ah, I hate this part, I am sure we will be in the hospital still weighing our options. A couple at our church who have baby only a ew months old told us that they didn't name her for over a month!! For the first month they just called her baby girl or something, I really don't want that to happen so we better really begin thinking about what we like now! The rest of the games were captured in the pictures below and were so funny! I think everyone had a great time and I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Here is a small taste of what the day entailed...

32 Weeks, 2 Days

The "dirty diaper" game...contestants went througha bout 10 diapers and tried to desphire what the contents were...I think most lost on the twix...

Me and GG Pat!

More Diaper pics...PJ and Shelby both won, they got them all right..good thing too since Shelby will also be a new daddy come February!

The bottle-guzzling contest...

Ryan won, but PJ insists that he cheated and drank 1/2 before...hmmm
And thats all the photos :-( I wish I had taken some of everyone there, there were so many special people that we love there. I will also have to take some pics of the adorable and awesomely practical gifts for the little we just have to figure out the name thing.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grumpidy Grump Grump

Not much going on here..I am just tired and grumpy...must be the third trimester. I have yet to find a food that does not give me heartburn or an angle where my butt is smooth....must be the third trimester. I have a million things to get done yet energy for only a few and no energy to try to get my darling husband to do them, so I thought I would vent to the few blog readers I have who are probably rolling their eyes as they read this at work because well they are at work and I am at home...mind you with heartburn, cellulite and the need to sleep :-). My stupid dog eats crayons and Kash's playhouse and then leaves things that spill on the floor that I actually want him to eat...grrr, he is the dumbest dog I have ever had contact with, does anyone know a good trainer that just does it because they love it and not for the money?? If so send them my way please. I hope to post again this week in a jollier? mood.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

31 Weeks and Counting

Silly self-pic of me and Kash.

31 weeks, 1 day

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Okay Okay, I know I am starting a little bit early for the month and I am sure my hormones may have something to do with it, but I can't help but feel extraordinarily thankful for so much in my life. We are dealing with some issues here in the Buglewicz household (babies are expensive with no insurance) yet despite all the difficulties we face everyday I look around myself and become engulfed with love and thankfulness. God has been so good to us and blessed us in more ways than I can count. My whole family is healthy, I have my amazing mom (who is my best friend and the most wonderful woman I know), my caring and hilarious dad, my wonderful in-laws, friends and extended family. In fact, PJ and I have never lost anyone we were extremely close to, I know that day will come for now I fell incredibly thankfull; health and people are blessings that should never be taken for granted. I also realized that I have been given the most wonderful husband. PJ has not only been making me laugh for over 10 years now but he works hard for our family, meets all of my needs, is a great father, is exceptionally handsome and he is totally opposite of my type A personality (which mellows our family out). He knows how to comfort me and when I need comfort, he knows when I need a break, he loves me despite obvious dorkiness (in fact I think he likes my dorkiness) and he leads our family like the strong and brave man God made him. Kash is another blessing, every day I get to spend with him is a gift, he makes me laugh and makes my heart smile, he makes my worries go away and is such a ray of light in our lives, even on the hard days. He is learning and growing so much right now, talking more, showing new emotions, making tons of new adorable expressions and he loves reading books. I can't help but wonder what the new baby will bring to our little family, more love that is for sure, a little sister for Kash, a daughter for PJ and I, a blessing indeed. Nope, I am not stopping there either, I am thankful for our new house, the food in our fridge, living in the US, our health, the weather in the 70's right now, that I haven't gained 40 lbs with this pregnancy (yet :-), the pumpkin candy corns, friends old and new, Christmas season, and Jesus Christ most of all. Whew, I think that sums it up for me right now, hopefully my next post won't be so sappy...but I can't make any promises!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ttitterteet... means "trick or treat" in Kash language. This halloween has been my favorite one in years! The Arvizu family and Nani Sarah and Poppi Jeff joined us to trick-or-treat. Kash was finally old enough to walk from door to door and didn't need to be pushed around in a stroller the whole time wondering what we're doing. No, this year, it was like he was born to trick or treat, he was a trick or treating all-star, it was amazing and one of those moments in time that you wish you could bottle up and re-live over and over again. Aside from my becoming weepy eyed at the gorgeous site of my son growing up and trick-or-treating on his own, we were all cracking up at the intensity of Kash, the trick-or treater. From the first door he jumped right in, doorbell ringing, then knocking, repeatedly raising his pumpkin up the candy bowl and finally trying to repeat it all again. Poor Lola was a bit shy and most times I had to physically guide Kash back from the door to let her through. We were off, he was running from door to door, he wasn't scared at all and a few times I thought I might have to stop him from going in and hanging out! After a highly successful trip around the block, the kids were tired and I was starving so we headed back to the house to share pizza, salad and candy of course. Once home Kash had a blast handinng candy out to the kids, making sure to give each person a candy, he would methodically pick one candy drop in in a bag, go back to the bowl get the next piece and drop it in the next persons bag, good thing most of the kids were sweet and good sports. Then he went home with Nani and Popi without blinking or looking back at me and PJ, which made me a little sad and a little proud at the same time, it is so true, you never know what your parents went through (and this is the easy stuff) until you do it yourself.

Check out all the treats from Nani don't think he is loved do you? The peanuts characters are my favorite! We are missing Peppermint Patty but one of us will find her today!

My little monkey, how precious is this picture, I love this picture. Just so you know, Kash calls monkeys "eee-aaa's" because the noise "ooh ohh- ahh ahh" I make for them..

Enjoying a cupcake (on a different day) at play group...

My only pic of the shy princess Lola, Queen Katy and eee-aaa Kash

Charlie was so adorable in her bee costume, here she is peeking out from under our table.

Nani and Kash, post Hallow's Eve activities, lounging in his halloween night-nights and her in her full pumpkin glory. Take a look at the socks- each toe gets it's own color!

After Kash was on his way, we got dressed up in our costumes to go to our friend Lindsay's party. PJ was supposed to go as Bleaker, but my running shorts (even my preggo ones) were a little too um, revealing for his taste. So here he is as a hockey player, tooth missing and everything!

Here we are at Lindsay's, hockey player and Juno (I carried a sunny-d with me all night too). Lindsay and Brandon went all out for their party. There was a haunted house, complete with dead bodies, blood,spiders and scary things that pop out at you at every turn. I of course didn't think to snap any pics, but it was amazing!

From left to right, Batgirl (Lindsay), lame no costume :-) Alejandra, lame no costume Katy and me as Juno. How is the pregnant girl the only one not wearing slimming black??

Our group, Alex as "smart guy"?, batgirl, John & Ali, Katy and Noah the fed-ex man (a change from his normal everyday UPS gear) and me and Peej.

It was such a fun night! Nothing is better than getting to hang out with friends and family. Now I am just waiting to go get Kash, I miss him already and it is barely 8am! We have such a full weekend planned, I want to get so much painting and organizing and household improvement items done. I feel like the baby is going to be here much sooner than we are going to be prepared for so I want to try to get as much done as possible. Then Sunday we have church and two barbeques and hopefully this week will usher in some weather that is under the 90's. I really hope so. What did you guys do for Halloween? Any cute costume pics??