Monday, October 20, 2008

Woo Hoo...long time gone

So we have been so busy that I have hardly had time (or energy) to take a picture or therefore write about the happenings in our household, but finally this weekend I busted out the camera for the fun "fall" (90* here) events!!...The images go from most recent to least recent and so you'll have to forgive me for my lack of blogging knowledge but there was no way I was uploading all of these again. Sunday we ventured to the pumpkin patch the WHOLE fam in tow for some pumpkin picking, hay rides, child voting and fair food. Saturday Kash had his first gymnastics class which really entailed PJ and I chasing him all over the place while he ran, full speed, giant smile followed by Hichschool Musical 1 & 2 on ice...1.5 hours of nonstop music, I was treted to the even by my mom and it was worth it to see my nieces faces when the characters waved, pointed and threw the "hang loose" sign at them...oh and finally there is a 28 week belly pic in there. Less than 80 days to go and the third trimester is in full swing. So without further ado, I believe the pics will speak for themselves....

Okay, I died laughing at these pumpkins, they were so funny, both such angry gourds though. I am proud to say all my neices and nephews voted too!

Here is the kids on the way back from picking pumpkins as you can tell from the bright red faces.

PJ and Kash admiring the horses leading the hay ride.

Kash loved pumpkin picking! Roaming around a field for hours what fun!

Katy and Charlie on the hay ride, unprepared for a pic.

Kasharoo on the back of the hay ride, full sun.

The Buglewicz Bunch on the Pumpkin Patch.

A pumpkin for my pumpkin!

Savannah and the giant pumpkin...

Belly and the giant pumpkin...which is bigger??

Garrett and Kash and the Giant pumpkin!

Makenna and the Giant Pumpkin

The Men in our lives posing with the children in front of a sign that says...
"Danger Stay Away from Ditches"...only the D in ditches has been changed to a B and well yup that is just how mature they are...they actually requested this pic!

Highschool Musical 3 here we come....check out those hats!

Savannah, such a jewel!

28 weeks and counting!

Newest addition to the Rangers!

Kash's first ride on Papa Eddie's boat! The waters were
really rough but none of us complained!

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*Erica* said...

You have GOT to be the cutest pregnant woman ever! And you're not even close to being the size of the giant pumpkin!

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It meant so much to me! I have prayed that God would allow others to see Him through me and that He would use our situation to His glory. And to see it happening is awesome! We truly serve an awesome God who is always in control. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.