Monday, October 27, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Wow, we had such a wonderful weekend!! It began with one of my favorite things ever...a wedding! Our good friend Justin married his beautiful bride Danielle on Friday night. The ceremony was held in a gorgeous Catholic church and it was so beautiful. My favorite part of the whole evening was hearing the letters they had written to each other and about each other and truly being so thankful that God had made them for one another. Nothing like a wedding to make you appreciate your mate! PJ looked amazingly dashing in his suit and I have to confess that I spent a lot of the wedding thanking God for my wonderful husband. The night was filled with laughter, happy tears and friends- Fabulous! Saturday we were tired from extreme lack of sleep as we shut down the wedding but PJ still had to work so I got to hang out with the little man all day, which I was happy because I really missed him since he was not with us the night before. Sunday we tried a new church that is not 45 minutes away from us and I was pleasantly surprised. I am ussually super stressed about leaving Kash alone (even at church) but he went willingly into the arms of a "grandma". The service and sermon were something PJ and I decided we were both comfortable with and the pastor is a young married man with children and so his references to parenting and Star Wars sucked us in. I am looking forward to next week. After church we bbq'd with friends in town for the wedding and some other good friends, steak, chicken sausage, sweet potato fries, ceasar salad, grilled veggies, chips and dip were all on the menu and did not dissapoint. We ended the bbq by taking all of our dogs to the dog park together, which is a brilliant place to wear out pooches and children, I think Kash liked it just as much as Meatball! We ended the weekend cuddling on the coach watching review our costumes for Halloween..Juno and Bleaker, come on, I don't even have to spend any money on a costume! It was that or This week we have a normal busy week, I would like to get a lot of painting done around here and the garage cleared out, playgroup meetings, trips to the doctor for us both and flu shots for the boys (I got mine two weeks ago :-). The only thing that would make things perfect is if the weather would get just a teensy bit cooler, it was a hot 92* today, bleh, at least it is cool in the mornings so I can get my exercise in. OOh and I think we are going to carve our pumpkin soon. Pics to come. Have a great Monday!

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Leesha said...

I love that you are still posting on this :-) I feel like I can still keep up to date even though I'm not there. I'm sure you will like to look back on it one day too. Your costume sounds so cute! Hope to see you soon!