Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Valtrax Please....

So, last Thurday I was feeling really wierd. We were at the Radmacher's (that is wierd to say) rehearsal dinner and I was feeling...bad. I had a horrible back ache and my skin was hurting me all over. I kept telling PJ it felt like my nerves were coming out of my skin and that I had been burned all over the left side of my body. We chalked it up to the pregnancy and called it an evening. Friday on the way to the wedding I could not stop crying I was in so much pain and poor PJ is beggin to tell him to go to the church or the hospital, but I was not going to make a groomsman miss one of our best friends weddings so again I sucked it and enjoyed the night despite this horrible burning? pain on the whole left side of my body. It came and went throughout the weekend, when on Sunday morning I noticed a rash in an especially painful area on the back of my leg. I self medicated with an ice pack and anti-itch cream, even though it was more painful than anything. I called the DR first thing Monday morning and they told me to pick up some rash cream and keep my appt on Friday, yeah, thanks. So here we are Friday morning, I kept my appt and everything despite being 15 minutes late due to an unexpected visitor, Mr. Spider in my car. I peed in the cup, got weighed, lost a lb, got in trouble, and then the dr took one look at the rash and told me, i have SHINGLES. Of course it is nothing normal and easy, but shingles which during pregnancy is only safe to be treated by VALTRAX, the HERPES medication!! So now I have to beg my husband to pick up herpes meds from the pharmacist, take Kash in for a chicken pox vaccine, which he can catch from me having the shingles (it is the same strain of virus??). I also found out shingles are brought on by the same virus as the chicken pox we had as children, it just lives dormant in us until some stressful situations like pregnancy. I am telling PJ it is him that caused it thought o guilt him into picking up my herpes medicine that I am just too embarssed to do on my own, or maybe we should go in together holding hands and looking very strong, like those commercials. So there, Happy Halloween, I am a walking disease :-)

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