Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's pumpkin time!

Yes, there is a power tool for everything!

Mr. Jack O Latern

I was so excited to carve our family pumpkin this year because Kash loves them and I was just imagining that awe of carving one and making it a glowing face....but then reality hit and the smell of the pumpkin inners makes Kash, ahem dry heave. As soon as we began carving he began dry heaving, I had to take him outside while PJ finished and then we had to air out the house. So it was mostly a PJ project, but I have to admit the combo of power tools and a filet knife made us a mighty fine jackolatern. Kash did like the face and we made it our dinner centerpiece for the evening before moving him to his home on our front porch.

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Teresa said...

Ooo, you're pumpkin turned out great! It must be the power tools ;)