Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So September is NOT my month!!

I will warn any readers that this post is a rant and a way to relieve my stress since I can't....drink caffiene, alcohol, workout (too damn hot), smoke or any of the other things people might do when they need to blow off some steam. Lets just say it has not been my month. The house is under construction, which I love ;-) but my stuff is randomly boxed and carried about from room to room and other stuff is completely lost and unorganized. Then I get in a freakin accident which is going to cost money and possibley my car, and we can NOT buy another car right now. So today I decide I will take kash to ride in the cars at the mall, like a stroller, but it looks like a car and even has a steering wheel to give 2 year olds some sense of control. I should known and I should have never gone it, kash was already being grumpy, but I was sure all he needed was a car to roll around in, that way I could get some excercise and he could get out of the house (we missed out morning walk). So off we went and things were going great and smooth for about an hour until we hit the food court where he announced he wanted "eet eet". The only thing open was burger king, so I am in this long-a** line trying to figure out which junk food to order my child, high fructose corn-syrup nuggets or fries?? I discover they serve mac n cheese, apple 'fries' and milk, hmm not too bad. So we order and he insists "eet", we get our food 10 minutes later and head for a table...no high chairs in sight...are you kidding me? We are at a mall, where are the high chairs, so I ask the subway girl who asks her boss and the answer in NO, no highchairs. Meanwhile Kash start to lose it, he wants to EAT....I unload him, sit him next to me and then I don't know what happened but he screams, flings his whole body and kicks his shoes off. I am trying desperately to show him the toy and fries and food to EET, but no, persistent blodd curdling screams that have attracted everyones attention. Fine, we are leaving that is for sure, trying to contain myself I re-load the F******** food into the bag, try to put Kash back in the car, which now is in full on tantrum mode, fighting to go in, going limp kickking his legs. Some nice older lady starts talking to another nice older lady and taking pity on me they come try to talk to Kash, ask him his name....um yeah right, you think he is going to stop because you ask how old he is...HE IS OBVIOUSLY IN THE TERRIBLE 2'S. They have begun...a week into year 2 and I am about at tears in the mall with some compassionate older lady trying to help me. So throught the screams, she hold his legs striaght so I can get him into the car, I shove all of our stuff into the cart and we are off. It ended with my carring him out under the armpits while tottting all the other crap in the other arm, he screamed the whole way to the car, into the car and half way home until silence....he is asleep. You would never know the amount of screaming, crying or energy exerted just 30 mintues before, he looks peaceful and angelic. PJ likes to tell me that it's so easy, just take him with you. Until you do it all day everyday, until it is your sole job to try to raise a child and reason with a 2 year old, don't tell a stay at home mom, how "easy" kids are, it is the hardest job in the world. It is hard, never-ending work that is brushed off by society and unfortunetly the women that choose to do it (it they are lucky enought) aren't given the recognition they deserve. I am tempted not to go anywhere for the rest of September, that hopefully my once cheerful son who now wakes up every morning grumpy is in a growing phase that will pass....I'll let you know. Thats all I have for now, the next post I promise will be much more cheerful with details and pictures of Kash's birthday celebration which he was a delight at his birthday party...I think we are just paying for the lack of napping now!:-)

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Thanks for the birth control Kodi :-)