Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm back from being MIA...

Sorry it has been such a long time between posts (my four loyal readers you know who you are), but we moved!! YAY and therefore I was without internet, time and motivation. Between packing, moving, unpacking (yeah really haven't done that yet...) painting, cleaning and being coherent and sane in general there was no time for the blogging. So here is the quick rundown of what has been going on the past few weeks....

#1 IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2. We are officially homeowners dealing with everything that comes with it, who knew a freakin mail key would cost $40 dollars and a front door handle $150?!?

#3. Today I was in a car accident, it was truly horrible and ALL MY FAULT. I was reaching for the damn ringing cell phone in the endless engulfement that I call a purse when a fire truck pulled out in front of traffic, which to my surprise was stopped, HELLO BACK OF 2008 Prius!! I was so shaken and hysterical the poor guy I hit spent the next 10 minutes trying to calm me down. The firetruck which witnessed the whole thing met us in the gas station parking lot and wanted to make sure me and the baby girl were okay but I assured them I felt fine, just really shaken. They called the police which were not nearly as young, fit or handsome as those firemen....sigh, PJ would be a perfect fireman, they were so sweet and comforting and cute too! I just felt so blessed to hit such a caring, sensitive LAWYER, what an oxymoron huh and be treated so nice by everyone even though it was cleary my fault, guess pregnancy has perks that come in hand with the fatness and hormones. So I have now learned my lesson, once the car is fixed I am going to get the ear thingy for the phone or have the handsfreee installed and no more screwing around while driving, that was just way too scary for me!

#4. This past weekend we celebrated Kash's 2nd birthday, he went to the doctor and is 90% in height and weight, thats my big boy and to think he was only 6lbs 4.7 ounces when born, I can't believe he is two and thinking about it for any extended period makes me cry so I am moving on. His official Little Einsteins birhtday party which he is sharing with his future wife Lola is on Sunday and should be a pretty laid back type of bbq, good food, friends and family.

#5. Bills suck and unfortunetly they are all I get in the mail, which I had to pay $40 to get...sorry, already said that, just bitter about it.

#6. Other than the bad day and the stressful month I have so many blessings in my life to be thankful for. I have such awesome friends and family and my husband is the most supportive, caring and wonderful person I have ever met. Kash speaks for himself, everyday I want to hold him and cuddle him with love and he gives in for a second, long enough for me to get a fix but for him to want to play trains or cars or something.

#7. I am 22 weeks pregnant and have gained 10lbs...I have 18-20 weeks to go, lets see how high we go.


Leesha said...

I am a loyal reader!

I'm sorry about the accident, I'm glad that you are okay! I just bought a bluetooth for that reason!!!

Elizabeth said...

I am not sure if I am considered a loyal reader??

Happy Birthday Kash, I wish I could have been at his party. What was his big present?

Cara is in town visiting and I showed her the pics of you pregnant. You should post a new pic soon! Miss you all and give kash a big hug for me.