Thursday, August 7, 2008

Two Bests

Last night was filled with two of the best things...1. the best tacos and 2. the best book.

I made a recipe out of cooking light called chipotle-salmon tacos and wow they were a crowd pleaser, sure the crowd was just PJ but he was pleased none the less ;-). They had a fabulous crema-chipotle sauce that when mixed with the spicy grilled salmon and citrusy lime made for fantabulous flavors. After dinner PJ allowed me to unwind from the busy day of 5 children by letting me read in our room in the AC!! Here it is, the best book ever and one that will make you cry and smile and feel so grateful for the freedoms in your life. It is called ESCAPE by Carloyn Jessop, that is Jessop of Merlin Jessop, one of Warren Jeff's main allies. I won't give away the whole story but obviously Carolyn esapes from the FLDS compund that Warren Jeffs is now the prohet and leader of. The tale was nothing short of breathtaking, I spent four hours up past my bed time reading because I could not put it down. I was amazed at the cruel harsh reality of this group and cult and my heart was broken for Carolyn and her 8 children, I was sobbing and then smiling and finally gripping the book until my knuckels hurt. I was so grateful for my freedom, life, husband and son (and unborn baby) that I just cried at the number of blessings I have in my life. I can't imagine having to live through the hell on earth many of these women face, they are property, only commodities to be traded amongst the men, belittled, beatened and stuck in a horrible life of competition with the other wives based on sex, disgusting. The first chapter begins with her exacpe, but Carolyn takes you through each part of her life throughout the book and no doubt int he end, it is nothing short of miraculous. Okay well you can tell from how long I have gone on that I love it, I think everyone should read it if only in an attempt to inform everyone what is going on right in our own country....slavery and concentration camps.

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