Monday, August 11, 2008

Eggplant Anyone?

I have decided that I am starting to take the shape of an eggplant. My shoulders to the bottom of my belly, well I guess my torso are starting to be shaped exactly like an eggplant...I made this decision while catching a glance of myself doing bi-cep curls in the mirror at the gym today. Lovely...I feel as if I am at the is she pregnant or pulling beer-bongs everynight stage. I made the mistake of asking PJ if I looked pregnant before going to the gym the other day and I am sure in his sweetness he said "no", which to me means that instead I still just look fat, like and eggplant. Pregnancy is a miracle no doubt, but until you experience it yourself is hard to understand. I think pregnancy looks beautiful and sexy on other women, but when you start to lose your waist and your arms beging to look like begin to miss your old self. I wish more people embraced pregnancy and the female body, but it seems that we will continue to see the stars back to size -0 bodies only 3 weeks after baby and thus the rest of us will feel the pressure from society "not to let ourselves go" just because we're pregnant. But I want to be healthy and give this baby all it needs so I will continue to work out....1. because I LOVE IT and 2. It will make me and baby healthier and 3. Brownies have started to taste extra I will waddle my way into that gym hopefully until the day I deliver.

Moving on....because there is not good transition here... we had a fantabulous week and were able to celebrate Justin's 29th birhtday, usher in the Olympics and get a 18.5 week photo taken of the belly, I'll leave you with those...


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Cloee's Mommy said...

You totally look pregnant...we are always our worst critics. I'll see you the 21st! What's been going on with the house??