Monday, August 18, 2008

One day down...Four to go...

Wow, I am so excited this week is finally here. This week is monumental to our lives for several different reasons!! Tomorrow we sign the last documents for the new house and turn over....gulp our down payment. In addition, Kash's HUGE birthday present from all of his grandparents gets delivered (Woow00, my life saver), you'll have to wait and see what it is. Wednesday we have the first and probably only sonogram, we will finally know if this little bean inside me is a boy or a girl. I am so scared of getting a false result and then the baby being born the opposite of what we prepare for, but from what I have read we are pretty in the clear getting the sono at 20 weeks and not like 17. With Kash we didn't find out and I was so okay with being surprised, but this time I have wanted to know from the beginning and now I can't come to figure out how I didn't find out last time. The only thing I can think is that once you figure you'll find out, there is no stopping you! I also get to get a haircut on Wed which is a major plus because that means I can make a gorgeous blow-out last 4-6 days, no joke (if you know me this is a HUGE feat). Thursday I am treating myself to a much-needed pedicure, which at this point is a selfless act to benefit of others, that is how bad my feet are and rounding out the night with a girls dinner at Frog-n-Firken, which has these gynormously thick, crusty slices of pizza and ice-cold beer-er soda :-( Oh well , it is all worth it for the bean (see once we know what it is we can give the bean a name too). Then Friday we get the keys to the new house and the chaos of remodeling, painting, moving and general fix-up begins. Anyone who loves our family is welcome to help ;-). For now I will focus on the content filling in my belly from the BLT's we had on crustly rolls with grilled portabella mushrooms and sweet potato fries that and the fact that I got to share them with the most gorgeous wonderful man in the world, well actually the two of them :-). Goodnight Y'all and I will leave you with these pics...

Pizza...who me? was me!

Adventures with home-made play-doe

Flowers from the husband..."just because" ;-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Eggplant Anyone?

I have decided that I am starting to take the shape of an eggplant. My shoulders to the bottom of my belly, well I guess my torso are starting to be shaped exactly like an eggplant...I made this decision while catching a glance of myself doing bi-cep curls in the mirror at the gym today. Lovely...I feel as if I am at the is she pregnant or pulling beer-bongs everynight stage. I made the mistake of asking PJ if I looked pregnant before going to the gym the other day and I am sure in his sweetness he said "no", which to me means that instead I still just look fat, like and eggplant. Pregnancy is a miracle no doubt, but until you experience it yourself is hard to understand. I think pregnancy looks beautiful and sexy on other women, but when you start to lose your waist and your arms beging to look like begin to miss your old self. I wish more people embraced pregnancy and the female body, but it seems that we will continue to see the stars back to size -0 bodies only 3 weeks after baby and thus the rest of us will feel the pressure from society "not to let ourselves go" just because we're pregnant. But I want to be healthy and give this baby all it needs so I will continue to work out....1. because I LOVE IT and 2. It will make me and baby healthier and 3. Brownies have started to taste extra I will waddle my way into that gym hopefully until the day I deliver.

Moving on....because there is not good transition here... we had a fantabulous week and were able to celebrate Justin's 29th birhtday, usher in the Olympics and get a 18.5 week photo taken of the belly, I'll leave you with those...


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Two Bests

Last night was filled with two of the best things...1. the best tacos and 2. the best book.

I made a recipe out of cooking light called chipotle-salmon tacos and wow they were a crowd pleaser, sure the crowd was just PJ but he was pleased none the less ;-). They had a fabulous crema-chipotle sauce that when mixed with the spicy grilled salmon and citrusy lime made for fantabulous flavors. After dinner PJ allowed me to unwind from the busy day of 5 children by letting me read in our room in the AC!! Here it is, the best book ever and one that will make you cry and smile and feel so grateful for the freedoms in your life. It is called ESCAPE by Carloyn Jessop, that is Jessop of Merlin Jessop, one of Warren Jeff's main allies. I won't give away the whole story but obviously Carolyn esapes from the FLDS compund that Warren Jeffs is now the prohet and leader of. The tale was nothing short of breathtaking, I spent four hours up past my bed time reading because I could not put it down. I was amazed at the cruel harsh reality of this group and cult and my heart was broken for Carolyn and her 8 children, I was sobbing and then smiling and finally gripping the book until my knuckels hurt. I was so grateful for my freedom, life, husband and son (and unborn baby) that I just cried at the number of blessings I have in my life. I can't imagine having to live through the hell on earth many of these women face, they are property, only commodities to be traded amongst the men, belittled, beatened and stuck in a horrible life of competition with the other wives based on sex, disgusting. The first chapter begins with her exacpe, but Carolyn takes you through each part of her life throughout the book and no doubt int he end, it is nothing short of miraculous. Okay well you can tell from how long I have gone on that I love it, I think everyone should read it if only in an attempt to inform everyone what is going on right in our own country....slavery and concentration camps.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The weekend was wonderfully filled. Here are some pictures from Makenna's Swim Party at Grandma's house... The meal for the evening was ribs, grilled chicken & hotdogs, my grandma's recipe potato salad, Mikey's famous greek salad, tortillas and skillet cornbread gone wrong (yeah that was me....darn that cooking light recipe...we gave most of it to the birds).

Paxton testing the diving board after watcing the girls do front-flips, back flips and dives!
Charlie-Bella and me...this pic doesn't truly capture her beautiful squishy, rolly white self.

The Birthday Girl getting ready to make a wish and blow the candles out from atop her cupcakes!

Paxton enamored with the leaves on a tree...oh to see the world through the eyes of a child.
The coming week will be filled with my neices and nephews, more getting to move, cleaning and hopefully some swimming with the kids since they go back to school on Monday!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hooray for August!

I have to admit I am thrilled that July is over and August has begun...that means it is closer to less than 100 degree weather and closer to actually being able to go outside without feeling like one might pass out. Among other things, August meant that I FINALLY got to see a doctor, I have not seen a dr. since 11 weeks (I am now in my 18th) and that according to most is bad, well at least boring. I want to know how things are going and on Friday Dr. Mainman...(yes that is my ob's name and he is a main-man in my life right now) confirmed that things are going swell, like my big belly. I am up 5 lbs from my pre-preggo weight which I guess is good and the heartbeat is strong and ...guess what...drumroll, I get to get a sonogram on the 20th of AUGUST and get a peek at the little guy or gal! Other than that it is business as ussual around here. Yesterday Ali and I went on a decorative-mission for the new house. We were pretty successful being as wel found furniture, carpet and my bathrooms sink and vanity and even squeezed in some lunch at a new world sports grill. The day ended with the husband meeting me at Costco to pick up the new sinks in my brother stake-bed truck, which gets more attention that anything wherever it goes, I really should take a picture because word would not describe this rickity, wood, old, flat?? and broken-yet-working, that was the best I could do! I was supposed to go up to Scottsdale for my fabulous friend Alicia's bachlorette but alas, my family has colds and ear infections which means mommy must be home. Today involved cleaming, making buttermilk corn bread for the bbq at my moms and picking out a present fro my neice. I ended up finding her a gift at the grocery store of all places, but it was so cute and i knew she would love it. The gift is a high-school musical lnch box, that is pick and looks like a purse, come on that is adowable!!! Plus to HSM folders, kids can't get enough of this stuff. So pretty soon we will head over to the moms for swimming, ribs and birthday cake and then tomorrow it is back to the same old. I am watching my sisters kids all weeks so it should be busy, I wish I knew what to do with them so they weren't bord...any suggestions?