Monday, July 21, 2008

Viva Mexico!!


HOLA, we had a wonderful weekend visting my dad in Mexico. The days were filled and it flew by. We were lucky enough to get two gorgeous days at the beach, where Paxton found time to climb stairs, see the water, climb stairs, eat some chips and then climb stairs some more, you get the idea...he LOVES stairs. We made the attempt to go to dinner after a very full Saturday, which looking back we should have just put Kash to bed and called it a day. But we ate at a restaurant called La Palapa and I was a bit dissapointed, it was overpriced and the food was just okay. Kash had more than a few meltdowns, which resulted in his PAPA buying him a few rounds of songs from the Mariachis, a guitar and finally a ball. Talk about spoiled. After dinner there was a huge fiesta with bands and the whole town seemed to be there, kash walked outside and pointed at the stars and said "da stas", I almost cried, I don't even know where he learned that. We ended the evening with a thrifty icecream, there is something about Mexican icecream that is so delicious...must have more fat, or is unpasterized, I'm not really sure, but I LOVE it, we split the choco-malt and praline-pecan, delish. Sunday we lazed around and went to the beach and then swimming followed by a BBQ and off to bed early that night, we were all exhausted. We left at 5:45 this am to get home by 9:15 and Pj was off to our house inspection at 10...whew, I am shutting down this laptop, eating a neapolitan icecream cone and calling it a night. Oh and I am thinking about incorporating a food aspect into the blog, a way to monitor myself on the gaining part of pregnancy and then as inspiration for the losing part, post baby. Night!
Kash and Papa climbing the beloved stairs...they keep him busy for hours!

Kash and Papa wakling the beach.

Look what my hubby made me out of dominos while I was napping! So Sweet!

Kash and Daddy on the other stairs :-)

Paxton on his new guitar...he's pretty good!

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