Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to the Grind...

After getting home from Mexico on Monday it was back to normal. Then, Wednesday I started losing my voice, wierd and no I wasn not screaming at PJ or anything. That night we had free tickets to see the premiere of Stepbrothers which was funny but had a lot of gross stuff that I would have preferred they had left out...do we really want to pretend to see Will Ferrel's fake testicles...um no I will pass. So there in the theater i found no greater joy than resting my head and eyes on PJ's shoulder, and I just knew. I was sick. The only drug that is really acceptable while you are pregnant is tylenol...yeah that sucks. When I am sick and my head is blowing up to monstrous proportions I want to be drugged up and knocked out with some dayquil, nightquil, throatspray, tylenol..well you get the idea. So of course during the busy week I was layed up in bed for about 3 days which was hard but nice to sleep and I read 2 books (the first two in the Left Behind Series that I am addicted to). The weekend came and ushered in some relief, Sunday we even went to church and had kash go in the nursery for the first time. I think it was harder for me than for him and when we picked him up was the worst because all the parents rush there, their kids see them and freak and so there was Kash watching all these other 1 year old go crazy with screaming and crying and his little lip came out a little and started shaking and he just looked so sad and scared that I had a bit of a mini panic attack. This was me...

Kodi: Pj I have to get him, I need to get him right now...I can't wait in this line he is terrified.

PJ: He is fine babe, we are almost there, he'll be okay

Kodi: NO, I need to get hime right now, oh my goodness, he's scared!

When he saw me he too lost it and was scream-crying for me to pick him up, a traumatic experience for me to say the least, how am I ever going to leave him at school. So we have a whole week to get ready for next Sunday. The past two days I am still in recovery but I am not a slave to the headaches and while i am hacking up gross stuff and congested I feel much better. The appraisel went through on our house which has led me to pack up a good portion of our house the past few days. I am getting everything ready to paint and patch and clean. I am so excited It is unbelievable. That is it for now, Kash is napping so I am going to use the "free time" to paint without little hands or distractions :-)

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