Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to the Grind...

After getting home from Mexico on Monday it was back to normal. Then, Wednesday I started losing my voice, wierd and no I wasn not screaming at PJ or anything. That night we had free tickets to see the premiere of Stepbrothers which was funny but had a lot of gross stuff that I would have preferred they had left out...do we really want to pretend to see Will Ferrel's fake testicles...um no I will pass. So there in the theater i found no greater joy than resting my head and eyes on PJ's shoulder, and I just knew. I was sick. The only drug that is really acceptable while you are pregnant is tylenol...yeah that sucks. When I am sick and my head is blowing up to monstrous proportions I want to be drugged up and knocked out with some dayquil, nightquil, throatspray, tylenol..well you get the idea. So of course during the busy week I was layed up in bed for about 3 days which was hard but nice to sleep and I read 2 books (the first two in the Left Behind Series that I am addicted to). The weekend came and ushered in some relief, Sunday we even went to church and had kash go in the nursery for the first time. I think it was harder for me than for him and when we picked him up was the worst because all the parents rush there, their kids see them and freak and so there was Kash watching all these other 1 year old go crazy with screaming and crying and his little lip came out a little and started shaking and he just looked so sad and scared that I had a bit of a mini panic attack. This was me...

Kodi: Pj I have to get him, I need to get him right now...I can't wait in this line he is terrified.

PJ: He is fine babe, we are almost there, he'll be okay

Kodi: NO, I need to get hime right now, oh my goodness, he's scared!

When he saw me he too lost it and was scream-crying for me to pick him up, a traumatic experience for me to say the least, how am I ever going to leave him at school. So we have a whole week to get ready for next Sunday. The past two days I am still in recovery but I am not a slave to the headaches and while i am hacking up gross stuff and congested I feel much better. The appraisel went through on our house which has led me to pack up a good portion of our house the past few days. I am getting everything ready to paint and patch and clean. I am so excited It is unbelievable. That is it for now, Kash is napping so I am going to use the "free time" to paint without little hands or distractions :-)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Viva Mexico!!


HOLA, we had a wonderful weekend visting my dad in Mexico. The days were filled and it flew by. We were lucky enough to get two gorgeous days at the beach, where Paxton found time to climb stairs, see the water, climb stairs, eat some chips and then climb stairs some more, you get the idea...he LOVES stairs. We made the attempt to go to dinner after a very full Saturday, which looking back we should have just put Kash to bed and called it a day. But we ate at a restaurant called La Palapa and I was a bit dissapointed, it was overpriced and the food was just okay. Kash had more than a few meltdowns, which resulted in his PAPA buying him a few rounds of songs from the Mariachis, a guitar and finally a ball. Talk about spoiled. After dinner there was a huge fiesta with bands and the whole town seemed to be there, kash walked outside and pointed at the stars and said "da stas", I almost cried, I don't even know where he learned that. We ended the evening with a thrifty icecream, there is something about Mexican icecream that is so delicious...must have more fat, or is unpasterized, I'm not really sure, but I LOVE it, we split the choco-malt and praline-pecan, delish. Sunday we lazed around and went to the beach and then swimming followed by a BBQ and off to bed early that night, we were all exhausted. We left at 5:45 this am to get home by 9:15 and Pj was off to our house inspection at 10...whew, I am shutting down this laptop, eating a neapolitan icecream cone and calling it a night. Oh and I am thinking about incorporating a food aspect into the blog, a way to monitor myself on the gaining part of pregnancy and then as inspiration for the losing part, post baby. Night!
Kash and Papa climbing the beloved stairs...they keep him busy for hours!

Kash and Papa wakling the beach.

Look what my hubby made me out of dominos while I was napping! So Sweet!

Kash and Daddy on the other stairs :-)

Paxton on his new guitar...he's pretty good!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fat, pale and gray...

I have a very sad, depressing announcement to make...This morning while washing my face and getting ready for the day I found this.....

Heavens, what is this? I started screaming upon it's initial discovery and continued screaming all over my house until I got PJ's attention and made him look at the wirey, crikling whitish/gray hair. Is this supposed to happent to people my age...I am 24 not 44 what the heck is going on...I must call my mother to find out who's fabulous genetics is coming into play here. That is it, i was going to blog about the fab pancakes I made for breakfast, but who cares now. I hope you go into your weekend feeling fab, young and vivacious, which is more than I can say at the moment.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Whoa, thats a whole lot of belly!

Yikes, check out this picture the hubby took this morning...This is me at exactly 15 weeks (which means I am currently in my 16th week, so confusing really). My pregnancy books and website tell me that the baby is about 4.5 inches long right now and 2 ounces and hopefully/thankfully the ears have moved from the neck to their rightful place on the side of the head. Isn't God amazing? So on to the pic, I didn't realize until I saw the picture that I am way showing, I still feel just fat, squishy and bloated with a uterus somewhere in there. Until this...now I realize that I am showing, I looked at my old pics and realize that I looked this way at about 5-6 months last time so I am a little early...damn those abs with their lack of muscle memory!! I am only up 2lbs which is bound to shoot up at any point, I think one time with kash I gained 5 lbs in a week, not looking forward to that momentous occasion.

On a different note, we are supposed to go to Mexico this weekend to visit my dad and sail on his cool, new boat. But now I found out our hosue inspection is Monday at 9:30 so long as all the utilities get turned on...and we are leaving Friday afternoon, making for a very short trip overall. Sigh, not sure what we are going to do yet but I will keep everyone updated!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Moustache Mania

Okay, I know I said this last time, but this time I mean it...I will be updating the blog so often you won't even know what to do with yourselves...I mean the maybe one person that reads this every other week, but thats okay. Maybe if I wrote more often there would actually be a reason to check the blog in the first place.

We were lucky enough to get a visit from one of our old friend, Huber from Chicago. He came in late Friday night where the evening turned into what i like to call Moustache Mania...

Looking at the photos now, I realize that a more appropriate name would be something like facial hair fiascos or hair happenings in Tucson, but none of those has the ring that Moustach Mania does. The rest of the weekend was filled to the brim, totalling I believe less than 8 hours of sleep, leaving me feeling like I have the flu. I am working hard to get back on track with my sleep and excercising, which has been less than succesfull, but it is only Monday giving me four more days to fit excercise in. We are leaving for Mexico on Friday to fish in my dad's new boat and then something terrible will be taking place on Saturday...but I will leave that story for next time.