Monday, June 16, 2008

Hot Summer Days

Wow, it is disgustingly hot here in Tucson and if you leive here you know what I am talking about. The heat takes your breath away, leaves you feeling tired, fatigued and all around cranky. We don't have AC either, so we try to make our swamp cooler stretch by bringing in fans, opening cracks of doors and window, but it still feels icky.

Our days have been filled. The morning sickness has subsided so I am feeling much better and much more up to simple life tasks like grocery shopping, showering, eating, etc. Paxton has been loving his swim class and looks forward to it, he runs to the pool and tries to climb the gate as soon as we get there.

Fathers day was fantastic. We spent the morning making breakfast for Jeff and PJ, which consisted of Swedish waffles (ummmm so buttery), eggs, turkey bacon, sliced peaches, OJ and our favorite starbucks picks. Then we splashed in the pool while PJ headed to his massage. He returned only 20 minutes later...his massues (sorry can't spell that word) cancelled and they tried to yeah they DIDN'T. This is the second time I have had them do this, they did it to a friend of mine a while ago on our girls day...and they lied. In addition, the place is run by girls my age and younger and I find myself annoyed by the combination of their youth and unneccesarry snobbishness, I may be 24 but at least I am sweet! Ah, the foothills, got to appreciate it for what it is worth.

We put an offer on a house today...not getting my hopes up, it is bank owned and we low-balled it...jusgt keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers. Pics to come soon....especially when we get the under-water pic form class.

Until then, stay out of the heat!

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Ali said...

That sucks that the massuse (sp?) canceled! I like how they used the "tried to call" excuse! Stupid people!

Good luck on the house! Where is it located?

Miss you! We need to schedule girls time soon! xoxo