Friday, May 16, 2008

Well now I am REALLY pregnant!

It seems as though since I sent the email yesterday informing everybody about the blog and since now that cat is out of the bag about the new baby, I really feel pregnant. Up until yesterday I felt fine, normal, excited about being done with school and then BAM!! I tell everyone that I am pregnant and I am all about nausea, being grossed out by food, sleeping and feeling more ikcy than ever. The thought of any of the healthy food I bought two days ago from WildOats sounds DISGUSTING. and the only thing that sounds good is eegee's veggie grinder on wheat, hot with extra italian dressing. I know that I will be eating many of these because I had one last inght and I almost cried from happiness, I am not even kidding. In addition I am looking for Kashi Mountain granola, has anyone seen that around? It looks so yummy with ice cold milk. Oh and just to let everyone know how pregnancy has naturally helped me save money, the daily gum and frequent latte trips well don't sound very good anymore- damn hormones. If I continue to feel like this for the next 6-7 weeks PJ might divorce me and Kash me watch wayyy to much TV :-(. On a different note, I found a midwife that has been midwifing?? for like 20 years now or something. We meet with her next Wednesday and I am quite nervous about it, she does home births and only home births...patuchuli here I come. I am wondering if I am going to wander into her office and be hit with "positive energies" and have the sudden instinct to burn incencse and wear birkenstocks, umm probably not, but I did buy some non-toxic cleaner!!

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Casandra said...

Hi preggo! Well, at least someone gets sick during their pregnancy besides me! My cell phone was killed in a random baby scuffle, so I lost your number. I'm going to EUROPE (yay) June 4 - 18th, but I would LOVE to see you before that (may be next week??) Let me know, Cloee needs a friend, and so do I, hehe! :))