Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ups and Downs

Well, life has brought a series of ups and downs...well lets say mostly ups with just the constant nagging feeling that I might faint or puke at the same time! We have almost put an offer in on three houses in the last three days!! We have been ready and willing until at the last minute some saving grace or God's divine intervention keeps us from writing an offer. I have to say that the house we finally wrote an offer on today was gorgeous. But now we play the waiting game, the house had three offers come in and it and we will find out tomorrow or next Wednesday, nice right? Tomorrow or a bloody week, thank you Memorial Day! On another note I LOST A DIAMOND out of my wedding band and it is 90% somewhere in my house because the day I lost it I only went to Walgreens to pick up photos because I was so sick. So floating somewhere around my dog hair-infested home is one of my main diamonds, lovely. But I have to say I am still not complaining because we are happy, healthy and done with college. Not much more you can ask for. Kash is starting to say more words and even puts some together, so cute, but you can tell the whole annunciation thing is really hard for him. I will have to post a video some time....if I ever find the right tape for the camera...

PS. The midwife actually said "we hug here" when I went to shake her hand. I heart her.

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