Thursday, May 8, 2008

Much to learn

So I have been browing other blogs and I realize that I have much to learn. Like for example just how to make my page a little putting a picture at the top etc. So now I have to figure out if I have to learn to write in html or java or something along those lines, anyone that wants to lend any advice please do. Today while on a walk in our oh-so-lovely neighborhood (read sarcassm here) a little kid saw us walking with Meatball and just opened the gate for his dog to come out and attack us. So there I am trying to run up a hill with Kash so that no dog bites hit me or Kash and then low and behold three other dogs and their owners turn the corner. It was a freakin dog fiasco, for like ten minutes the dog chased tho other dogs while the owner's "daughter" was like "oh my" "here boboo", the dog's name is "boboo" and it is this huge german shepard. PJ just stands there like that is helping until finally one of the other dog walkers catches the shepard and we all go on out merry way...that was the excitement of the day :-) Really exciting huh.

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