Friday, May 9, 2008

House Hunting GRRS

I hate house hunting. It is frustrating and takes a long time and is very tiring. I should know I have been doing it for about a month now and while I thought it would be fun and exciting, it is not. It is a task that tests your endurance and patience and makes you want to rent forever. But then there is the yard that I would like to invest some grass in, a place where Kash can play and we can have swings and I definetly do not want to put all that money into someone elses property. So here we are, on the search for houses that I can tell will probably take a good 6 months, with a dirt yard that smells like Meatbal (ewwww) and no grass or swings in the 100 freakin Tucson heat. But hey, good things take time right? In addition I think the mental stress combined with pregnancy and mommying is going to make me explode, I seem to have lost all patience for things, like people leaving crap around the house and disciplining Kash for the 1000th time about not climbing on the dining table, please lord give me patience and help me to slow down and enjoy the little things and not let those other little things annoy the crap out of me so much. Please.

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