Thursday, May 8, 2008

Early bird gets the worm!

This first post if for my first visitor. I am letting you in on a very BIG (tiny though) secret. I am preggers!! I just found out last Thursday, which means I am only 5 weeks along. The husband know and Cassy knows and maybe Alex if he listens to any of my phone conversations. But that is it, no one suspects it either! I have been able to excuse my way out of drinking alcohol and caffiene and into having white pasta instead of wheat....because you know, that is what the baby wants. So there you have it, I will be waiting for a phone call whenever the first lucky person knows.


Ali said...

Ohmigod!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Oh, by the way, you're having a girl...if my calculations are right! Love you!

Casandra said...

hahaha! I totally knew.... :)