Sunday, May 25, 2008

And this is Meatball...

This is meatball, he is such a great dog , but unfortunetly we can't keep him because we can't devote enough time to walking him and he needs a loving home...HE IS FREE. If interested please contact one of us and disregard reading the rest of this post! Thank you.

.....Okay the truth is, I am highly un-fond of this dog!!! He has the most gut-wrenching, knock you off your feet, take your breath away, gagging gas. You would swear that he has pooped a huge steming pile in the house and will even search for it, but to no is GAS!!! I have talked to the vet, changed his food and nothing seems to help. In addition, he has bad manners and jumps on people and has only attended 3 of his 8 week training course....uhmmm PJ you should probably get on that. He will also whine and shake his but at you or bark when he wants attention or his hungry...again please someone rescue me. Now I don't hate animals, in fact I think of myself as an animal lover, as long as the animals are from afar and not mine...except for tiney, cute, fluffy ones like my kitties. But of course a few months ago after we had gotten rid of our cute, tiny yorky who bites, Suki, I was feeling like we needed a dog. We live on an okay street, but as soon as you leave our street...eeekk watch out, tweeker city, it is almost like ajoke around here amongst the neighbors, because for the most part, the people on our street our normal. So I thought a larger dog would be gret protection and a great companion for Kash. Listen, I was WRONG, I admit it, the day we brought him home I cried and wanted to take him back. The first week when we put $800 dollars into saving his life I was kicking myself. But here we are, Meatball is alive and well and full of GAS. The plus side is that...hmmmm....thinking of a plus side, well he lets Kash do whatever he wants to him and doesn't bite...that was the problem with Suki. She now lives in Scottdale sporting a Coach bustier and painted toenails, but that is a whole other story. So I will leave you with these words of wisdom...If you ever think you want a dog, come borrow Meatball for a week or five to make sure you are really SURE.

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Casandra said...

ha ha, I knew he wasn't going to last!!